Zee oh em gee, I return!

Ooh, and it seems Firefox 2.0 has implemented the little red-dotted-underline thing for misspellings in text boxes. I like that...but I digress...

So...yeah...my new once-again college life obviously took a bit more out of me than I thought it would, and the whole "getting back into it" as well as meeting new people and being put as officers in two different clubs (Treasurer of the anime/gaming club and Vice President of the Performing Arts club), all on top of having a job (part-time, but still exhausting)...well, as you can see, my life's been rather hectic and disorganized.

First thing I have to say, though, is that I'm NOT leaving for good. I may be sparse, you may never actually see me online when you are, but I'll still be around. Second thing I have to say is that I apologize for dropping my RPG and my characters in other RPGs; I never meant to leave, never mind for the length of time I left, and I truly feel sorry for leaving you all hanging. The third thing I have to say ties in with the first, in that I'm not going to be joining many RPGs any more, and highly doubt I'll write a new one until summer comes, simply because I just don't have the time. Basically, this means that if I join your RPG, consider it a really freakin' good RPG.

Aaaaaand...yeah. Rant over.

(Copied this from the SMF since almost nobody got a chance to see it)