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Thread: Poll: How do you spell this word?

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    Default Poll: How do you spell this word?

    Upon posting this post, I thought: "bologna... baloney... boloney?"

    Bologna for me

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    Default Re: Poll: How do you spell this word?

    Bologna, because... *shrug* I just felt like picking the first one.
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    Default Re: Poll: How do you spell this word?

    Bologna because it's the closest to the Spanish version.

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    Default Re: Poll: How do you spell this word?

    My bolonga has a first name, it's "O-S-C-A-R"...

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Anyways, with me, it depends...

    Lunch meat = "bologna" (as I demonstrated at the beginning of this post ).

    Bunk = "baloney".

    I've never heard of the "boloney" spelling before until now.

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    Default Re: Poll: How do you spell this word?

    That's because no one is silly enough to use that particular variant. ^_^

    Chose "bologna" since your teachers will stab you with pencils if you use anything else.

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    Holy crap ... I'VE become a grammar nazi, too.

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    Default Re: Poll: How do you spell this word?

    They still haven't upgraded thier stabbing tools? How barbaric, I thought they would be using lasers or something...even maybe scalpels or even modified staplers, or even pens... ^^

    Myself, I rarely encountered the word. I think its one of those words that you don't find many using it until you go the the US or somewhere in Europe. Being Australian I have never heard any of my fellow countrymen reffer to that word....
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