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Thread: EV-lowering berries question

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    Default EV-lowering berries question

    Granted, I'm a breeder not a trainer otherwise I'd probably already have the answer to this question.

    Just recently I heard that the first EV lowering berry reduces that pokemon's EV stat to 100 (if it was over 100 of course) while every berry eaten after reduces it by 10.

    It makes some sort of sense, as my big trainer friend remarked to me that he was disappointed that the EV berries were just like Vitamins. He had a nearly fully EV trained pokemon but had wanted to "restart." To his dismay the game wouldn't allow him to feed anymore berries past a certain point. Since he was under the impression that berries only took off 10 EV each he decided to just start from scratch.

    But wandering around the GameFAQs boards (don't ask why...) I bumped into that rumor. I was wondering if it's been confirmed one way or another?

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    Default Re: EV-lowering berries question

    It's true. But only for D/P, of course.
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