Hey everyone, I need some help with a team to take down the Battle Frontier. I'm gonna use the three Pokemon Garchomp, Gallade and Empoleon. However, since I know nearly nothing about the Metagame, I may need some help with movesets.

So Empoleon has currently got Surf, Drill Peck, Waterfall and Rock Climb, but I need to utilise its high Sp. Atk and need some new moves.

For Gallade, I've got Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Close Combat and Thunderpunch. I've got another one with Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Close Combat and Ice Punch. A third one has got Psycho Cut, Earthquake, Close Combat and Fire Punch. I'm hoping to dominate the Battle Hall with those three.

Finally, my Garchomp has Dragon Rush and Crunch, along with Strength and Earthquake.

So...what can I do for my Empoleon and Garchomp? Maybe a couple of recommendations for my Gallade too.