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Thread: Theme Team - Happy Purple Warriors

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    Default Theme Team - Happy Purple Warriors

    Hey guys after a few years, it's good to be back. I'm by no means an expert and I aim to have fun, and I enjoy creating theme teams that can perform with some success, so here's my latest. It needs work. The theme? Purple.

    The Happy Purple Warriors

    Trait - Technician
    Item - Leftovers
    EVs - 252 attack, 124 speed, 124 hp

    * Fake Out
    * U-Turn
    * Brick Break
    * Thunder Wave

    The idea here is to deal some damage with a stabbed-technicianed Fake-Out, then paralyze, brick break, or run for it with U-Turn. I hope this is as annoying as I predict it will be. I was thinking maybe a stronger normal move over Brick Break?

    Trait - Synchronize
    Item - Scope Lens
    EVs - 252 spatt, 124 speed, 124 hp

    * Psychic
    * Grass Knot
    * Shadow Ball
    * Light Screen

    Some fun special attackage here. I'm a little dissatisfied with type coverage, but I think it's cool. Light screen for support, especially to go with Drifblim.

    Trait - Unburden
    Item - Liechi Berry
    EVs - 252 spatt, 124 def, 124 spdef

    * Shadow Ball
    * Thunderbolt
    * Will-o-Wisp
    * Baton Pass

    My hope, through Light Screen from Espeon and through Will-o-Wisp, is that Liechi Berry will activate. If it does, I'll pass the free agility and +attack to a sweeper.

    Trait - Sniper
    Item - Scope Lens
    EVs - 252 att, 124 hp, 124 speed

    * Night Slash
    * Cross Poison
    * Earthquake
    * Swords Dance

    I aim to sweep. Any advice?

    Trait - Dry Skin
    Item - ?
    EVs - ?

    * Stone Edge
    * X-Scissor
    * Cross Chop
    ?? I don't know.

    I ran out of ideas here. Should I make it a Choice Scarf user, maybe? I'm just happy that it absorbs water attacks with Dry Skin.

    Trait - Sand Veil
    Item - Choice Band
    EVs - 252 att, 252 speed

    * Earthquake
    * Outrage
    * Fire Fang
    * Stone Edge

    I really hope this thing kills stuff. Would it be wiser to make a set revolving around swords dance instead of choice Band?

    Basically, I need some advice, especially with my three physical sweeper-esque Pokes. I know my tactics may seem a little novel, but hey, uniqueness is half of life. Or something.

    And yes, I know Garchomp is, at best, only indigo.
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    Default Re: Theme Team - Happy Purple Warriors

    For Ambipom, if you're looking for a stronger normal move over brick break look no further than double hit. Even though the two attacks add up to 70 BP, it still gets a boost from technician since it counts as two separate 35BP attacks. That raises its BP to a whopping 105, throw in STAB on top of that and you can do some damage with it.
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    Default Re: Theme Team - Happy Purple Warriors

    Hey. Thanks for the input!

    Return has 102 base power, right? So it's nearly as effective as Double Hit, but won't miss, I figure. Would it be better to have this power-move instead of a type-covering move? I figure you're probably right and Return or Double Hit over Brick Break, and I'll U-Turn if I see a Rock or Steel.
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