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Thread: Rate these Starmie IVs

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    Default Rate these Starmie IVs

    HP IV: 17 [13 ~ 22] 9%
    Attack IV: 5 [1 ~ 10] 6%
    Defense IV: 29 [27 ~ 31] 23%
    Sp.Atk IV: 10 [6 ~ 15] 7%
    Sp.Def IV: 29 [27 ~ 31] 23%
    Speed IV: 23 [19 ~ 28] 9%

    It's modest by nature, so has increased SP ATK (at the cost of normal attack), but still the SP ATK IV is kinda low.. Its fast and good defended though..

    Since Starmie is one of the fastest pokemon out there anyway i was thinking giving it cyroball, psychic, a special water attack and recover.

    Anyway, this is more about the IV. Should I go with this?

    Also, I was thinking for EVs: 255 SP ATK, 155 SP, 100 SP DEF (or HP).

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    Default Re: Rate these Starmie IVs

    I'd say try to get a higher sp. attk IV. How are you using your Starmie? Special Sweeper? Rapid Spinner?
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    Default Re: Rate these Starmie IVs

    Given the moveset, it would appear Starmie is being used as a Sp.Sweeper. For a special water attack, go with Surf, unless you intend to use the Starmie for 2vs2. And Gyroball, I do believe, depends on the target's speed, not the user's. As for IVs, eh, personally I don't mess with them since they can be a pain and don't have that big an impact on stats, those seem good enough to me but I wouldn't exactly be the expert on IVs.
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    Default Re: Rate these Starmie IVs

    If you want it for sweeping/attacking, I'd go for a better Special Attack IV while maintaining the speed. As a Rapid Spinner, it won't be as big an issue.

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