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Thread: BLEACH Thread

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    Default BLEACH Thread

    Yah... you know what this is for. So if you have any questions or would like to set things up or display ideas and whatnots... go ahead.

    ^_^ The first posts of everyone are really great btw. Gooood joooooooooooooooooooob...

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    Default Re: BLEACH Thread

    If any mod is wondering why I deleted and reposted the same post in the Bleach RPG topic 3 times, it's because I was having PJBWitis and said post wasn't showing up properly on the topic/RPG board. *kicks TPM*

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    Default Re: BLEACH Thread

    *will post when she's read anything and back from tea u.u*
    so many posts already....

    edits: ok, sorry, I'll post tomorrow =.= *needs sleep now*
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    Default Re: BLEACH Thread

    Hey. Just checking out the RPG. Is there any spot left for human? From what I scanned, it look like it's full.
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