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    RPG Forum Rules

    There are a lot of different aspects to the RPG forum so I have decided to break up all of the actual rules into different categories. That way you can easily refer to the rules that apply to your specific situation. So, let me kick off these rules with the:

    All-Important Rules of MessageBoardom:

    1) NO FLAMING ALLOWED!!!!! Flaming can be defined as public insults directed at other forum members or anything deeply or purposefully offensive. What is considered flaming in this forum is left to the discretion of the moderators.

    2) No inappropriate language!! Not as taboo as flaming, harsh language is still heavily discouraged as you never know how young or impressionable some of your fellow posters may truly be. Inappropriate language is not permitted in any topic unless said topic has a suitable warning posted in its title (such as mature rated RPGs).

    3) No posts unrelated to the topic and no topics unrelated to the forum, in our case RPG. For example, you wouldn't start a political debate in the RPG forum nor would you start discussing your Sunday afternoon tea in the middle of a vampire RPG).

    4) Read a topic thoroughly before posting in it (a full single read-through should be sufficient). Hopefully this should prevent any fatal miscommunications, as they can be the death of a good RPG.

    5) No spamming. This includes linking to websites other than Pokemasters, advertising and general one-word answers, etc. You all know what spamming is. Annoying, that's what.

    Rules For Creating a Topic in RPGland:

    1) When creating a sign-up topic it must contain a basic plot (events leading up to the RPG, description of the RPG world, etc), a sign up form (having spaces for all information necessary to a character in your RPG) and a list of any limitations you are placing on your players.

    2) 'Party' and 'Dance' topics are not considered RPGs. Such topics must either be posted by an RPG moderator, or approved by the RPG mods before they are posted.

    3) Award topics must either be run by an RPG moderator, or be approved by two of them before being posted.

    4) If a topic is not an RPG you must get it approved by one of the moderators before posting it.

    5) As an RPG creator you have the right to refuse any sign-up you feel inappropriate to your RPG. When refusing a sign-up though, you should either give the person a chance to fix their form or have ready an explanation for one of the RPG moderators why you are not allowing the person to join. This is an equal opportunity forum. However, RPGs with closed sign-ups are allowed but only if they announce it freely in their sign-up topic.

    6) Additional topics for a single RPG are not permitted without approval from at least two RPG moderators.

    Rules for Posting In and/or Registering for RPGs:

    1) All posts must be of reasonable length. The RPG's Host is within their rights to set a post word count minimum or maximum, if they so wish, and to eject a player from their RPG for ignoring this rule.

    2) All posts must relate to the topic they are posted in.

    3) When creating a character sign-up, make sure to include all the information requested by the RPGs creator. Also make sure that character abides by any limitations set by the RPG creator.

    4) Script format is not allowed for any in-character posts (unless specifically permitted by the RPG you are posting in).

    5) By joining an RPG you are waiving all rights to complain if an RPG creator, moderator or both find a post unacceptable. If you feel that your post has been deleted, your topic closed or you've been asked to leave an RPG for unfair reasons you may PM such concerns to one of the RPG moderators in a calm fashion. However, public complaining or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

    6) No power-RPing is permitted unless an RPGs creator allows it (as a general rule every positive should have an equal negative).

    7) Bumping of RPGs is not allowed. This includes bumping to get people to join, to revive a dead RPG and to revive a dead topic in the Lounge.

    8) Plagiarising a fellow poster is strictly forbidden (nearly identical characters or topics could be dealt with harshly if brought to moderator attention). People usually put a lot of thought and effort into their characters and RPGs. It is wrong to steal them.

    9) Lastly, respect your moderators. They work hard to keep the forums in working order and to make sure that everyone has a fun time. When rules, topics, etc. are in question, it is the moderators who have the final say in the matter. Please respect their decisions.

    If we have left anything out or you feel a rule is unnecessary or flawed, please PM one of the two RPG mods (Crystal Tears or ChobiChibi). All reasonable opinions are welcomed.
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