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Thread: What is this?!

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    Default What is this?!

    What is this?

    I know a lot of you have had some worries over the future of the RPG board, so this is the place to voice them. This is kinda like the Fan Fic Lounge, here you can talk about your ideas for your own RPG's, as well as the RPG section of the forum and what we can do to improve it.
    Save the actual RPG board for your RPG's and sort out all your forum problems here.

    Kalah is back in her modding position, but if we're going to make this forum rock as it should do, a 4th mod would be nice too.

    Anyway, enjoy this forum, that's what it's here for. Your little chill out zone inbetween the real world and your RPG world

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    Default Re: What is this?!

    Hah! All my ideas have come true! Thanks a lot people.

    Yeah, this is a step in the right direction.
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    Id just like to add that you guys should be more vocal too.

    Lately ive been picking up on negative feelings towards some Mods (Myself especially) due to Inactivity or lack of Presence in the forum.
    I cant apologise or explain for the others as i dont know their situations but frankly i do feel guilty for not Letting you guys know im still around, and accept that i have a responsibilty that i shouldnt be just waiting in the shadows and any Forum needs a working Mod system. Id just rather make a valid post rather than just butt in and declare im here...(oh hey Mike, didnt see you there)

    I am going to be more active from now on, infact i have a number of ideas floating around.

    The point of this is however i dont want to see that whole whipsering about being unhappy with our performance. If you guys have a beef with us then bring it up. I know that all 3 of the current mods are mature and sensible enough to take creative criticism without blowing their top and you wont be blacklisted as Whiners etc.
    If anything we want your opinions.
    We only know if were doing a good job for our posters if you tell us.

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