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    Default RMT Need Help on 6th Member

    Hi! I need some help with my team.. Any comments would be really appreciated.

    Aura Sphere
    Flash Cannon
    Dragon Pulse
    Dark Pulse

    Nasty Plot
    Grass Knot

    Sleep Talk

    Dragon Dance
    Aerial Ace

    Ice Beam
    Sleep Talk

    I'm not sure what pokemon to use for my 6th. I was thinking of a baton passing jolteon. any suggestions?

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    Default Re: RMT Need Help on 6th Member

    Well, with those five pokémon, you only have one 2x weakness, and that's whatever you choose, don't pick anything weak against Fighting.

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    Default Re: RMT Need Help on 6th Member

    Lucario: Standard set for Special-based, but I'd switch out Flash Cannon for maybe Psychic so you have something to counter against other Fighters (like Heracross)

    Azelf: Hmm, works, though if you can, try switching Grass Knot for HP-Fighting to help against Dark-types (though Grass Knot will help against Tyranitar)

    Snorlax: Standard, not much to say

    Dragonite: Hmm...I'm not a big fan of Outrage (considering the after-effect of Confusion, combined with Dragon Dancing beforehand) so I would say you could switch that out for maybe Dragon Claw. Also, I would take out Aerial Ace for Fire Blast so you can handle Ice-types that come your way.

    Milotic: Standard, make it Defensive with EVs and your opponent is going to be pissed at how long it takes for it to die (especially when Marvel Scale's activated).

    Yeah, a Jolteon would be pretty ideal for this kinda team. Try one with this set:


    Baton Pass

    -Set up some Subs and then switch out for your other team players to do some damage while still lasting for some time. Of course, choose your preference between Ice and Grass for HP.

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