Challenge Thread

So, want to battle other TPMers without waiting for the next TPMBL tournament? Then this is the place for you!

It's pretty simple. You can either make a challenge here or accept one. If you're making a challenge, list whatever criteria you want, like "Lv. 50 and under," "3-on-3," "No evasion moves," etc. You can even challenge specific people if you like! If, on the other hand, you want to accept (or decline) someone else's challenge... well, just tell them so, either here or in a PM. Then you can give each other your friend codes and have at it!

If you and your opponent are both members of the TPMBL, you may choose for your battle to be an official TPMBL match. (This is optional, not required.) If you do, both battlers must report the result of the battle in the Battle Reports thread. Your TPMBL ratings will be adjusted according to the results of these battles. If it is not a TPMBL battle, there's no need to report it.

And that's it. Happy battling!