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Thread: The administator has banned your email address???

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    Default The administator has banned your email address???

    Right so this is the message I get whenever I go to change my password in the user CP, are you banning gmail accounts lately, have I done something blindingly stupid while drunk or what?

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    Default Re: The administator has banned your email address???

    Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Basically everything that isn't a secure ISP or school email address has been banned for a while now. How it works is that if you are already registered with a banned email address, you can still log in but I guess it also means you can't change your password.
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    Default Re: The administator has banned your email address???

    Yeah, making semi-administrative changes to your own account triggers that problem. (New members can't register with banned domains, but old accounts haven't been forcibly changed. It just generates errors when you try to adjust related settings.)

    If you change your E-mail address to a domain that isn't banned, you'll be able to make those other changes as well. And if you don't have something to which you can change it (like a college or work address), I'd suggest contacting Chris.

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