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    Default *~ Fan Art Request Thread ~*

    Fan Art Request Thread

    Come one, come all! This be the Fan Art request thread!

    "WHAT IS THIS?!" You proclaim!

    Well, this is a thread for you to request any art-related pictures to be done upon your behalf! Have a certain character that you want to see drawn? Or perhaps you're a fan of an anime character and you just want more art of him/her? Then here is the place to let your request be known! If an artist stumbles upon your request and wants to do it, then they'll post here as well to let you know!

    Then PM me, letting me know what kind of requests you will take and how you would do them. For example, I'd be willing to take anime-styled human/animal requests, but no realism since I'm no good at it. My requests would be done on Tegaki, a drawing board or on Corel X, depending on how I feel. When you PM me that, I will add your name to this request thread to let people know what people are available or may be willing to take a request.

    Feel free to request what you'd like, but perhaps take a gander at the list of artists who would be willing to take requests and how they'd draw them. If there are no "sprite makers" on the list, you can still request a sprite to be made... but just don't be disappointed if no one replies. You COULD be surprised though!

    Thanks in advance for participating!

    Artists Available for Requests
    Asilynne - Draws: Mostly humans or animal-like things, anime style [i]Uses: MSPaint, Pencil[/b]
    Blademaster - Draws: Anything done in his style Uses: MSPaint
    Bulbasaur4 - Draws: Humans or animals, anime-style Uses: Tegaki or Corel X

    Current Requests
    DarkestLight - Picked up by Blademaster
    Asilynne - Picked up by Bulbasaur4

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