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Thread: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    Jack Scarecrow

    Jack sighed, ignoring Brigh’s ramblings about commies and Jane’s about beasts. A Christmas special? Now? If it had been a Halloween special, maybe he’d enjoy it. But no, guess Halloween wasn’t important enough.

    He looked around. Where the heck were they? Ok, sure, they were in the north pole, obviously, but WHERE in the north pole? There were no landmarks to be seen. Just white, white, and more white. No indication of where to go. Then again, did they ever? Whatever demented force was behind all this always made sure they got to where they wanted them. Why start now?

    Hefting up his cross, Jack began to slowly walk off in some random direction. Jane and Brigh’s talking stopped when they noticed Jack walking away.

    “Where are you going?” Jane called out. Jack stopped and looked back.

    “Where we need to go,” he simply replied.

    “And what makes you think it’s that way?” Drake spoke up snarkily.

    “You got any better ideas?” Drake thought for a moment before letting out an annoyed grunt. Jack was right. It was better than simply standing there. Slowly, the party began to move, following the corpse scarecrow. After all, the creators wouldn’t let them get lost in the middle of nowhere, right?

    ~4 days later~

    “OH COME ON!!” Jack cried out, “WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYTHING!?” Let it be known. Never test the creators. We’re right, royal pricks.

    Jack groaned and slumped to his knees, barely supporting himself with his cross. The scarecrow was tempted to simply lay down and let this constant blizzard bury him, when…

    “I see something!” Brigh yelled out. All heads followed her pointed hand to see what appeared to be lit up buildings in the distance.

    “Finally! Shelter!” Meiya yelled out, starting to run for the buildings, Drake not too far behind. The dragoon was getting sick of the cold.

    “You did it!” Jane cried out, hugging Jack tightly before following the rest of the ground towards the light, leaving a stunned Jack in the snow.
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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    *cracks knuckles* Well, even though it's February, I hate to leave this Christmas Special unfinished. It's still the winter season though, so I guess it's close enough. XD

    Brigh Dangerfield:

    As they made their way closer to the brightly lit buildings, which seemed to resemble extravagently decorated frosted gingerbread houses right out some cheesy christmas cartoon special from the 1980s, Brigh couldn't help but feel a bit excited. Her mind flashed back to one particular Christmas when she was 8 years old, and she had recieved her very first handgun - a Smith & Wesson .45! She had almost forgotten over the years about all of the joy, merriment and childlike wonder that Christmas could bring! The heart of Little Brigh was beginning to peek through the rough and cynical exterior if Outer Brigh, and she was almost elated with the idea of meeting Santa.

    Then Outer Brigh punched Little Brigh in the face.

    "Santa Claus! You Red Commie Bastard!!" she exclaimed, standing dramatically in the snow outside of the Christmas village. "How dare you align yourself with the Council!"

    "Oh for the love of..." said Jack, "For the last time Brigh, Santa's not a commie. He's a fictional character based on the tale of St. Nicholas and used to promote the ideals of good behavior and gracious giving to children. And I seriously doubt he's a member of the Council. After all, Santa Claus runs the whole Christmas operation, why would he steal it?"

    "That's just what he WANTS you to think. He's just trying to throw us off his scent by acting all....saintly. I mean seriously! You've heard that song, right? He sees you when your sleeping? He knows when you're awake? He knows when you've been bad or good? And don't even get me started on that LIST of his!"

    But Jack was ignoring her now. He had moved past her and made his way up to one of the buildings with a sign above it that read "Santa's Workshop" and pushed the door open, the rest of the group following him inside.

    Once inside, our unwilling heroes found themselves face to face with a room full of elves, positioned at various points along long workbenches and conveyor belts. They looked like were supposed to be working on toys, but the room was strangely empty of anything resembling toys or toy parts. At the sudden entrance of Jack and the others, they had all stopped what they were doing and were now staring at them. There was a long, awkward silence as the two groups merely looked at each other.

    "What...are those things?" Fisherman Steve said, poking his head around Jack to get a better view. "Some new Pokemon?"
    "They're not Pokemon, genius, they're elves," said Roy.

    Drake snorted. "Psh. You call those elves? Those aren't elves. Those are more like gremlins. Foul little buggers. I pick bigger things than that out of my teeth."

    Just then, all of the elves reached under the tables and pulled out guns of various shapes and sizes, pointing them at our heroes in perfect unison, their beady little eyes narrowed in suspicion. The group recoiled in surprise, taken aback by the sight of hundreds of green-clad midgets packing such serious heat. Brigh, of course, was the first one to respond.

    "I KNEW IT! THEY'RE WORKING FOR THE ENEMY! ARM YOURSELVES, MEN!!" She immediately began to pull out her own arsenal, somehow managing to wield several of them all at once. She let out a battle cry and began to charge for the nearest elf when---


    A door that no one had seemed to notice before suddenly flew open and smacked Brigh in the head, knocking her back against the wall. A jolly-looking man in a red suit with a bushy white beard entered into the room, looking about curiously. Upon spying the tense situation that was unfolding in the room, he turned his eyes to the main characters and let out a jolly laugh. "Ho-ho-ho! Well now, what do we have here? Stand down men! These people aren't with those fiends!" Immedietely the guns the elves were holding disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. "I do apologize, my children! Ever since those scoundels in the Council showed up and stole Christmas, we've all been a little bit... on edge here."

    "" groaned Brigh from behind the door.

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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    Jack Scarecrow

    Jack stood there, slack jawed as he stared at the jolly fat man in red before them. He stood there for so long that the man in question was starting to become a bit uncomfortable.

    "Um, is your friend alright?" he asked Roy, glancing over at the scarecrow uncomfortably. However, before Roy could answer, Jack came to life.

    "SANTA'S REAL!?" he cried out, causing the elves around them to jump.

    "Yes, Santa's real. I believe we've established that," Drake muttered sarcastically. Santa chuckled lightly before heading for the door.

    "I'll explain everything to you, but not here. Come, let's go sit by the fire. Mrs. Clause will fix you up some cocoa.

    "Ooh, Cocoa," Steve piped up, following close behind.

    "Can I just have black coffee?" Jane asked, as the rest of the crew followed. Soon, they were in a small living room, with a roaring fire going, which a good deal of the group quickly huddled in front of.

    "Now, to get this off," Santa muttered, taking off the hat...and the beard?

    "Patrick Stewert?" Jack asked quizically. Brigh, who was still recovering from her close encounter with the door, quickly sprung to her feet and pulled out a gun.

    "I knew it! I knew he was a fake!" she yelled out.

    "You THOUGHT he was the real deal and working with the council," Drake muttered. Santa merely laughed.

    "Oh no, no. I'm really Santa. I just shaved the beard. Too many crumbs getting in it." He then reached under his coat, and the fat suit he was wearing fell away, "I also lost some weight. Got to look after my health."

    "So, erm, Santa," Roy spoke up, still trying to swollow the fact that Santa was in fact thin, beardless, and resembled a certain space captain, "Care to fill us in on what's going on with the Council and this whole stealing christmas thing?"

    Santa's face then went grim. "Certainly young man, I believe I know why this council would steal christmas, how, and certainly why."

    "Then tell us," Jack insisted.

    Santa nodded. "You see-"


    "Of course!" Jane exclaimed, "It's so obvious! So simple!"

    "Those damn commie bastards!" Brigh yelled out, "How dare they-"

    "Uh, Brigh," Jack interupted, "You do know that not all the world's evil are caused by communists right?"

    Brigh was quiet for a moment before raising her gun aloft.

    "Those damn Nazi bastards!" she yelled out, "How dare they steal Christmas!"

    "Well, I guess it's better than Commies."

    At that point, the door burst open, and a rather dishelved elf ran in. Almost instantly, Santa ducked behind one of the couches. He had an image to maintain after all.

    "He's here!" the elf yelled out, "He's back!"

    "Who's back?" Roy asked. The elf turned to Roy with panic in its cute little eyes.

    "Jack Frost!"
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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    *Jack calmly walks on stage*

    Ok, now, you're probably wondering what's taking us so long. Well, here's the deal. We've been lazy. Very lazy. However, since we really need to keep up the story, and since nobody seems to want to

    *glares off stage*

    I'm stuck keeping up the story...again. I know it's a double post, but dammit we want this RPG to live!!

    And now, the story continues.

    *walks off stage*

    Ok, NOW can I have my cross back?

    Jack Scarecrow

    Our motley crew of heroes could not enter the workshop fast enough, some of them (you know who by now) brandishing deadly weaponry. Shockingly enough, the place was completely different from when they first came in. Instead of being warm and almost magical, it was completely frozen over, covered in snow, with many of the elves frozen in place as they had worked.

    A figure standing in the middle of this winter 'wonderland' howled with laughter, and quite frankly surprised the party.

    The main thing was that he resembled Jack, only with some major differences. Instead of being an undead frankenstein/scarecrow thing, he looked like a man made of ice, with clothing in blue and white tones, and hair made of ice instead of the straw-like hair of Jack.

    "Jack Frost!" Santa stormed into the shop, now in fat suit and fake beard, "Back again I see!"

    Frost turned to the group with an evil smirk. "That's right fat man. Time to finish what I started and-" he paused when he spotted a certain undead member of the group, "Scarecrow?"

    Jack merely waved. "Hey Frost."

    Frost's evil smirk was replaced by a delighted smile. "Scarecrow! Long time no see! How's it going?"

    Brigh blinked and looked back and forth between the two Jacks. "Wait, you two know eachother?"

    "Yeah," Jack (who we shall refer to as Scarecrow to prevent confusion) replied, "We're both members of the Jacks Union."

    "Jacks Union?" Meiya piped up.

    "Yeah," Frost replied, "All the famous Jacks are members. Jack Sprat, Jack Skelington, that Jack who's with Jill, Jack the giant killer, etc."

    "What about Jack Sparrow?" Steve asked.

    Both Jacks were quite for a moment.

    "We don't speak of Sparrow."

    "No, not at all."

    "Ever since he got that movie deal."

    "Thinks he's too good for us."

    The rest of the party nodded, even though they were still a little confused by the whole situation.

    "So, anyway, why are you here Scarecrow?" Forst asked. Scarecrow shrugged.

    "Stuck with this group, trying to defeat The Council. Something about saving the universe and such."

    "Man, that sucks. The Council offered me pretty good benefits for stealing Christmas for them. Dental and everything. Seriously, you should join up. I mean, what are they going to get you? I mean, they didn't even know of the union."

    The rest of the party turned to Scarecrow, who seemed to be genuinely thinking about this. Drake and Brigh were starting to grip their weapons, ready for a possible defection.

    "Sorry Frost," Scarecrow sighed, shaking his head, "As tempting as it sounds, I can't leave these guys. Can't really say why."

    There was a pause as the party seemed to visibly relax. Frost stared at them for a brief second.

    "You have a thing for the jungle girl don't you?"

    Scarecrow's eyes bulged as his face went bright red. "W-what!? No I don't!"

    "Yes you do! You totally want some jungle booty!"

    "I do not!"

    "Jungle booty!"

    Scarecrow brandished his cross threateningly. "Screw you you frozen bastard!"

    Frost sighed. "Well, guess there's no changing your mind. Fine then, let's do this."

    Frost held his arm out, and vapour and frost began to gather, before there was a flash and a large cross of ice formed in his hand.

    "You're freaking copying my cross now!?" Jack fumed before sighing, "Let's just do this damn thing."


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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)


    The picture finally returns; Roy can be seen cheerfully dusting off his hands, the unconscious forms of Mystic_clown, Kuro Espeon, and Asilynne behind him.

    "That's for keeping me here without my boss's say-so for so long!" he calls over his shoulder, his cheery demeanor totally unwavering. "Anyway, inspiration has struck and I have some 'un-tapped poe-ten-shal' or something, so without further delay...


    ...On to the fight scene!" Roy finished, pointing upward and outward in a dramatic yet more than likely cliched anime pose, complete with seizure-inducing background.

    "...Who are you talking to?" Brigh asked.

    "...The... audience?" Roy answered sheepishly, gesturing towards the crowd.

    The crowd consisted of six flopping Magikarps and a fisherman unsuccessfully attempting to cast his line into a sheet of ice.

    "I don't think they're paying attention." Jack Scarecrow remarked, having noticed his friend's unexpected burst of vitality.

    "That doesn't matter now!" Roy shouted, raising a fist. "I've got to save you!"

    "Save me from what?" was Jack's annoyed response. "The fight hasn't even starte-"


    And Jack Scarecrow's entire upper body was embedded in the frozen wall, his legs sticking straight out for a moment before going limp.

    "...Welp," his muffled voice grumbled, "walked right into that one didn't I?"

    "You have no business being here, Roy." Frost growled, frozen vapors rising from the massive cross he still held out like a huge baseball bat. "We were all doing fine and dandy without you!"

    "Actually," Scarecrow's muffled voice shot back, "he's the first one besides me to do something useful in months."

    "That's right!" Roy said, glaring at Frost. "And you work for those Council jerks who broke all of my consoles! I'm here to avenge my Nintegatarnysoft DreamBoy Entertainment Station: Gizmurbogenesis Neojaguar VIC-2600 Mark 64^2, Version 3.D0 Beta!!!"

    A great silence hung in the room as everyone tried to (or tried not to) process that.

    "...Oh, and to rescue my friends!" Roy added as an afterthought.

    "I feel so safe..." Brigh mumbled dryly.




    "Don't embarrass yourself further, Roy." Frost said with a sinister grin. "Scarecrow is a member of the Union, and Union Jacks are tough as nails! You don't stand one TENTH of a chance against me." For emphasis, the wicked winter warrior spun his massive cross in front of him like it were a simple baton, the motion sending a freezing blast of air at Roy.

    But Roy jumped clean over it, the blast harmlessly caking ice on a machine behind him.

    "Don't bet on it!" Roy taunted. "I've been training since you chumps last saw me, and I'm way tougher than I used to be!"

    "Oh, really...?" Frost chuckled, apparently not believing Roy.

    "Oh, really!" Roy insisted, grinning. "This place may be colder and more barren than Gorilla Glacier, but it's still Santa's Workshop! Where all the toys in the world come from!"

    Roy reached into his pockets and pulled out two pairs of black Wiimotes with matching Nunchuks attached to them, then spun them like ACTUAL nunchuks before striking a combat pose.

    "And toys just so happen to be my specialty!"

    With that, Roy lunged at Jack Frost, his weapons swinging. But Frost was quick despite his unwieldy weapon, dodging each swing and quickly spinning his cross into the next attack, catching one of Roy's weapons and winding it around, yanking it clear out of Roy's hand before swinging it into the wall and breaking the controller. Frost swung his cross sideways and used the opening to kick Roy in the stomach, sending him crashing into a conveyor belt.

    "What a coincidence." Frost said in a cold *rimshot* tone, smiling cruelly. "My specialty is BREAKING toys."

    Roy responded by putting away his Wii-chuk combo.

    "I know how to fix my toys." he warned. "And I thought your specialty was cold stuff."

    "That, too." Frost replied, a bit flustered by Roy's erratic behavior.

    "Theeeeeeeeeeeeen," Roy shouted in an exaggerated drawl as he pulled his goggles over his eyes and his headphones over his ears, before reach into his pockets and pulling out two Zappers, "let's TURN UP THE HEAT!" He leveled his two weapons and aimed them straight at Jack's face.

    "Oh like I'm going to be scared of some plastic '80's toys-"


    Frost promptly ate whatever he was about to finish that sentence with, eyes widening in shock as the Zappers began to fire fiery little balls of light that singed his outfit and created explosions of steam against his cross and skin. He cried out in pain and spun his cross in an attempt to deflect or at least block the bullets, but the barrage of light bullets was quickly eating through his weapon. Mist filled the air as Frost let his weapon evaporate, using the ensuing vapor as a makeshift smokescreen. He ran across the factory floor, bounding over crates and machinery and sliding under conveyor belts and cranes.

    But Roy was quick to follow, parkouring over and under the factory's obstacles with the ease of a monkey.

    "All those hours grinding Mirror's Edge Achievements paid off, huh Jack?!" Roy called, his voice barely audible over the trademark 8-bit blasts of his twin handguns.

    Brigh, Jane, and the now-freed Jack Scarecrow were in shock. Since when was ROY of all people so brave? And since when could he fight?!

    But Frost somehow managed to lose Roy. The youngster skidded to a stop and looked around, slowly scouting the assembly lines and vats of frozen plastics.

    "You're better than I thought, Roy." Frost's voice seemed to echo across the entire factory. "You might actually be of use to the Council. But my main concern here is Jack. Not you."

    "If you wanna mess with my friend," Roy said, turning a corner, "you're gonna have to go through me."

    "Not necessarily." Frost answered. "You like video games, I hear..."

    "I'm not gonna be bribed. You jerks owe me WAY more than you can offer for that Nintegatarnysoft DreamBoy Entertai-"

    "Bribe?!" Jack Frost laughed heartily. "Why would we waste resources or cash on some dumb kid who'll waste them on his dumb video games?"

    "WHAT'D YOU SAY?!" Roy shrieked angrily.

    "You like video games so much?" Frost taunted as a strange rumble reached Roy's ears. "Then you leave your pals to me... and I'll leave some Ski Free to you!"

    Roy's face went pale at the mention of that name. No, Frost wouldn't... he COULDN'T!


    But he could, he would, and he just did; Frost's laughter faded back in the direction of Roy's friends and roommates as a massive shape burst through the factory wall in front of Roy and roared. To Roy's horror, it was just as he'd feared...

    "A Yeti..."


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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    Brigh Dangerfield:

    While Roy was getting ready to face off against the Yeti, Brigh was in another corner of the workshop, practically giddy with excitement.

    This was what she had been waiting for. She had been dreaming of this moment ever since they had landed in this damn Christmas special, which seemed like 7 months ago now ((Kuro: *cough*)). A battle. An all out, throw-down, skull-bashing brawl!! How glorious! Surely, this was where she was meant to be at this very moment, standing on battlefield, surrounded by her comrades-in-arms, fighting the ultimate fight of life or death with foes so vicious that any other person would be trembling at the sight!

    "Put up yer dukes!" said a squeaky, high-pitched voice. Brigh glanced around her and was confused when she so no one around her. "Hey! Down here, you amazon!!" Brigh slowly looked down to see a creature that was no more than two feet tall. With pale blue skin and wide gray eyes as big as saucers, the ice elf, one of Frost's minions, had his fists up in a fighting stance and was throwing a couple of test punches in mid-air.

    "You---You're kidding, right?" Said Brigh slowly, blinking in disbelief. "You're my opponent? You look like you just jumped out of a Keebler commercial!" She folded her arms across her chest, threw back her head and laughed. "You're funny, kid. Come back when you grow a few more inch---"


    In a matter of milliseconds, the ice elf had slammed his tiny fist into Brigh's stomach, sending a wave of cold throughout her entire body as she flew backward into the wall of the workshop at an incomprehensible speed. As she hit the wall, the thin coating of ice that had instantaneously covered her entire body shattered with a crash and fell about her in millions of tiny shards. It was several moments before Brigh could get back to her feet, her eyes blazing with hatred toward this pint-sized, polar pixie.

    "YYYYYOOOOOOOUUUU!! YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!" She yelled, reaching into her massive arsenal and inexplicably pulling out a massive, military-issued flamethrower. "PREPARE TO BURN!!"

    Then, without any sort of caution or discretion, Brigh let loose with the flame thrower, engulfing everyone and everything in her wake with hot, molten death. Too bad some of them were her friends...

    "AUGH!!" Jack Scarecrow yelped as he leapt aside, narrowly avoiding a wave of flame so that it only nicked his arm. However, it should be noted by our viewers that his arm was filled with straw, and therefore incredibly flammable. He snatched off his patch-covered hat and used it to vigorously beat out the flames before it caused anymore damage. "Dammit, Brigh! Watch where you're aiming that thing! You're going to burn down the entire workshop!"

    "You know what, Jack??" Brigh replied, a manic twitch in her eye, "THAT'S NOT A BAD IDEA!! AHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" *FWOOSH*

    "Shit..." said Jack, grabbing Jane by the arm and making a mad dash for the exit.


    Hmm, admittedly not my best post ever, but at least it's something. *scuttles off to finish her post for DBSU as well*
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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    Fisherman Steve


    Brigh's evil and ominous bellow was definitely not an encouraging prospect. As she reached for the trigger of her flamethrower, Jack frantically tried to grab the rest of the team and get them toward the door. It was going to be a close call. Perhaps not enough time to escape before the flames engulfed the door. Well, normally that would be the case. But not today.

    "Magikarp, go!" Steve suddenly yelled, tossing a pokeball in front of them by the entryway. After the excessively long glow animation had concluded, a lone Magikarp was boldly (standing?) tall, fins propped on its hips in a sort of quasi-captain morgan pose. Steve grinned with pride and confidence.

    "Alright Magikarp! Keep that door clear of flames with your Splash!" Steve ordered, pointing at the pokemon.

    "Karp karp!" the Magikarp responded, beginning to flop around. Little droplets of water flew everywhere, mostly coating the team's faces as they ran toward the door. As the fire crept along the walls, inching toward the door, they all wondered if they would make it. All of them except Steve of course, who had full confidence in his mighty Magikarp's ability to keep the inferno at bay.

    Jack reached the door first. Not even bothering to grab the knob, he rammed into it with his shoulder. Unfortunately the door did not budge. Next was Jane, running into Jack and smushing him against the wood. Roy was close behind, continuing the chain of sandwiching. Finally Steve got there, but at the last second he tripped, and stumbled...


    As Steve tripped and went airborne, the rest of the team looked in horror upon their impending pain. Steve's pudgy body collided with them, causing universal grimaces akin to a male taking a hard object to the gonads. However, this last impact was the force needed to bust the door open, and the entire crew tumbled out into the snow.

    After a few seconds had passed, everyone began digging themselves out of the pile of snow and wood debris. As they dusted themselves off, they looked to the broken doorway behind them to see the Magikarp flopping its way down the steps. The fishy pokemon landed in front of its master, who proudly picked it up and hugged it.

    "Oh Magikarp, thank you so much. Without your supreme power, we would not have made it out alive. We all owe you much gratitude!" Steve complimented it, holding it out in front of him in the direction of the others.

    "What?" Jane asked, afraid of what the answer was going to be.

    "Say thank you!" Steve insisted, holding the Magikarp out further.

    After a sweatdrop in unison and several moments of awkward pause, the rest of the group responded with an uninspired "Thank you..."

    Satisfied, Steve proudly took out the pokeball and returned the red fish to rest. He turned back to the others and smiled, puffing out his chest.

    "Sure is nice to have the world's greatest pokemon master on your side, isn't it?" Steve beamed. "My Magikarp singlehandedly kept those flames from reaching the door!"

    "But those water droplets barely rea--" Roy started to say, but was cut off by a stiff elbow to the ribs, courtesy of Jane.

    "(Don't burst his bubble, he won't believe you anyway...)" Jane whispered to Roy through her grinning teeth.

    Meanwhile, as flames began to pour out the doorway, Brigh's silhouette appeared in the entrance in a stereotypical action star pose.
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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    ~Jane Fox~

    Brigh laughed almost evilly as she stood amongst the crumbling, flaming rubble that was Sandy Claws workshop. So many crazy things have gone on, it almost felt like we had been here for almost a year. And how strange that Jack was a member of a club, and had relatives he had never mentioned. What else was he keeping secret? And how many other Union Jacks were there?

    The glow of the fire reflected off Brigh's crazed eyes, and off her giant fierce grin. "Yes, I am the hero! I saved you all! I await your glorious praise!!!"

    "Actually," Fishermen Steve stepped forward proudly. "I saved us all. Well, with the help of my prized pokemon!" He stroked his pokeballs and cooed gently to them.

    We were all quiet for a second, and Brigh was about to disagree loudly (and possibly with her flamethrower) when the last few seconds before the fireblast echoed in my mind. "Oh good heavens!" I exclaimed, looking at Steve with shock. "He really did save us this time!"

    All of us stared with disbelief at Steve, even Brigh, though she also wore a pouting look, still believing she was the one who saved everyone. Steve looked around at all the faces pointing towards him, shrugging his immense weight uncomfortably. "Well, what do you mean 'this time'? I'm ALWAYS saving the day! My Magikarp are brilliant like that!"

    Ever the skeptic, Drake crossed his arms and took a deep breath, before looking thoughtful, as if scanning the events which occurred after the destruction of our Apt complex. One of those flashback thingys flashed upon reality, showing how Fishermen Steve's Magikarp turned into the Karp Kommandos, how Steve's fishing skills helped him catch fish in the desert, keeping them alive long enough in the bandit camp for me to formulate an escape, and finally showing the events of a few minutes ago, of Steve busting through the heavy door with his sizable body, effectively saving us all.

    "That last one wasn't really necessary Drake...we remember that happening.." Roy said, not even bothering to wonder how Drake can show everyone flashbacks when he doesn't even have a TV.

    Drake shrugged. Steve stood up proudly. "That's right! But I can't take the credit, my pokemon are the real heroes!" Though we all wanted to, no one could disagree. Maybe he really was the best pokemon trainer?

    Before anyone could say anything, the building exploded, flattening everyone to the ground. A giant fireball rose to the heavens, and scalding air rushed over everyone. Someone yelled and screamed and then suddenly....

    We were all back on the bridge of the ship. "Ah welcome back, " Patrick Stewart greeted them as the quiet sounds of technology chirped and whizzed in the cool processed air. Everyone was still crouched on the ground defensively for a moment before Brigh stood up and shouted, "HOLY SHIT!!!! SANTA WAS PACKIN SOME SERIOUS HEAT!!!"

    I couldn't help but agree. Even though I didn't understand what type of 'heat' she was actually referring to.
    "Indeed..." Patrick Stewart said. "Although it wasn't really Santa you know. (Spoiler:) Santa isn't real after all."

    Patrick Stewart laughed as all of us froze in disbelief. "Thats right, that was one of the alien's secret bases. Now we are engaged in interstellar war, which is what I wanted anyway, thank you!"

    Jack shoved his way to the front of the group to exclaim at the Captain. "WHAT!? You USED us! Please tell me we are at least at war with a member of the Council so we can get the shard and get out of here!!?"

    At the mention of the word 'shard' I pouted. "Yeah, we went through that whole Christmas special without even getting a shard...."

    Cutting it short for now. THERE HONEY I POSTED XD

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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    Jack Scarecrow

    As some very perceptive individual once said, "What the fuck is this shit!?" They had just spent lord knows how long in a frozen wasteland, apparently had started an intergalactic war, and all for no shard what-so-ever. Well, at least it wasn't a complete waste. They now knew that the Jacks Union was in on it, or at least some of the members were. Just who else was in on this? Just how far did the Council's reach extend?

    A loud explosion threw Jack from his thoughts as the ship was rocked. Patrick Stewart scowled.

    "Great, they were just sitting there and the instant you guys come back, they open fire again," he muttered.

    "What!?" Brigh yelled out, "They were just sitting there and you did nothing!?"

    "But of course," rang out a familiar voice, "You're the main characters. We can't have anything important happen without you being around."

    All eyes turned to the screen as it flickered back to life, and the same hooded man from before reappeared.

    "How did you enjoy the christmas special?" he mocked, smirking confidently.

    "You!" Jane pointed at him dramatically, "Do you know how long that 'christmas' special was? It's August for crying out loud!"

    "Yes, yes, well, we were busy, ok? Now can we get back to the topic at hand?"


    "Ok then."

    Drake stepped forward, glaring at him.

    "Just who are you?" he spoke loudly, not taking his eyes off of him.

    "Well, I can't tell you who I am. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. But I can give you on little tidbit of information.

    I am one of the founding members of The Council."

    The entire party gasped. Brigh scowled and clenched her fists.

    "Where are you!? Come on out and fight us you commi-erm, nazi bastard!"

    The hooded man chuckled. "Yes, I do think it's time for our first meeting (and for the record, I am NOT a nazi!). Why don't you come on inside?"

    The screen flickered to black, and before our heroes could question where they were supposed to go on inside, something phased into existence in front of the ship.

    A colossal metal sphere, not much larger than a moon.

    "That's no moon!" Fisherman Steve yelled out, pointing at it, "That's a space station!"

    "Erm, Steve, nobody said it was a moon," Jack pointed out, before looking at the space station, "Looks like we've got to go in there."

    Suddenly an alarm sounded and lights flashed. Patrick Stewart went over to one of the monitors. "Looks like we don't have a choice. We're being pulled in."

    Surely enough, the ship was indeed moving towards it. Suddenly, the space station began to open up, like a massive mouth that dominated its non-existent face. Roy's eyes bulged.

    "Holy crap! It's Pacman!"

    "I'm afraid it's worse than that," Patrick Stewart said grimly, "It's the Death Pac."

    "Who cares what it's called!" Meiya yelled out, "It's about to eat us!"

    And so, anyone outside the situation would see the Death Pac's mouth close in on the ship, like a giant digital pellet.

    When it's mouth completely closed, a loud bleep echoed throughout the galaxy, and the numbers 500 formed in the stars.


    And now it's time for the Death Star rip off. Will our heroes be alright? Will we finally meet the villainous council? Find out in the next few posts of "It Still Sucks to be Us!"
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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    (Sorry, had to read the thread before posting )

    Name: Matilda Fitzwalter aka Maiden Mesmeric
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Personality: The typical bright-eyed genki high school girl. Even her mysteriously absent parents don't bring her undue stress, because she's a hopeful dreamer and eternal optimist. However, she is extremely competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of combat and engineering, for a totally unexplained reason. Belongs to the Competitive Combat Flower Arranging Team at school.
    History: Matilda Fitzwalter has lived alone for most of her life, and isn't entirely sure why, but doesn't let it bother her or get her down. When she was 15, she discovered a winged green wombat named Tuck who told her she was the legendary Maiden Mesmeric, destined to bring peace and harmony back to the land of Sherwood, which was writhing under the boot of the evil Prince John. She must find her companions, the Merry Maidens, and her true love, Robin Rapparee. She has not managed to find either, as she continually defeats the season villains within the first 10 minutes of encountering them. She has also been told she must find the long-lost Princess Marian, but she has never encountered another tall green-eyed redhead with an outrageously cheerful disposition.
    Physical Appearance: Tall and curvy, with waist-length bright red hair and giant green eyes, flawlessly pale skin in most shots, though in close-ups, freckles are apparent. Has a tendency to blush pale pink only on the apples of her cheeks.
    Typical clothes: Usually dressed in a green and red sailor fuku with a silver bow and arrow pendant. As Maiden Mesmeric, she wears green tights, green sleeves, and a very tight bright red leather bodice, red leather knee boots, and a pointed cap with an epically sweeping pheasant feather. She also has a bright red leather quiver of silver arrows fletched with green feathers.
    Genre: Magical Girl
    Weapon/Gear: Carries a silver bow and the aforementioned silver arrows. Must say "Ambrosial Arrows Annihilate" every time she fires one, which makes them into shafts of silver light, highly effective against all minor villains pre-villain upgrade, as well as werewolves. The quiver is never emptied, unless it's particularly plot convenient.
    Catchphrase: "Maiden Mesmeric Metamorphose!" and "Ambrosial Arrows Annihilate!"
    Other: Tuck is a wombat. And he is green.

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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    ~~Jane Fox~~

    It was dark inside the Death Pac. I wasn't sure why it ate us or what that crazy sound was afterwards, but I could see the others were equally as confused in the dim lighting of the red alert lights. After the great mouth shut, and the echo reverberated through the ship, there was a long moment of total silence, as quiet as the vacuum of space.

    And then, Patrick Stewart clapped his hands together and stood up. "Well, thank you very much for coming, but I'm afraid I've got to be going now." Pulling smartly down on his uniform he strode towards the doorway to the lift.

    "What?!" Jack yelled out, as we all ran to him in disbelief. "What you can't go--how do you even think you are going to??"

    "Well you see," he said as he stepped into the lift. "I'm not a main character, I'm merely an interesting foil for you to interact with whilst you deal with your situation. And as soon as I'm out of your sight and out of the same room as you, I can be wherever I wish."

    "That' not fair!" Meiya stamped her foot as she shook her head in disbelief.

    "Toodles!" The door whished shut, almost cutting off Patrick's last word. Drake pushed some of the others aside as he hurriedly pushed the door open button, one hand on his sword. The door opened instantly, only to reveal an empty cabin. "SHIT!!" he just about roared.

    "Well now what do we do?" Roy slumped down in a chair and sighed. Steve perked up as he had an idea.

    "Well, we COULD go fishing..." Everyone else groaned as he sank back down sadly.

    Brigh perked up next. "We COULD shoot our way out!" I nodded, that sounded far more reasonable. It had been a while since we had a real fight against the council.

    But before we could get to our battle stations, we heard the doors swish open again, only it wasn't Patrick Stewart---it was the hooded figure!

    "YOU!!!" We all yelled.


    Short and maybe kinda lame but there it is lol

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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    My first official NaNoWriMo post! BWAHAHA!!

    Brigh Dangerfield:

    “YOU!” Everyone shouted in unison as the hooded figure entered the room. This was followed by silence as he took a few flowing strides across the threshold, his arms spread wide in a dramatic gesture. Then he paused in mid-stride, as if suddenly reminded of something important.

    “Oh, wait, just a moment,” he said, quite casually considering the circumstances. He turned on his heel and retraced his steps back out of the room and into the lift, the door sliding shut behind him. Our heroes exchanged confused glances in the momentary interim before the door slid back open again and the hooded figure re-emerged in the same pose, but this time accompanied by music.


    “Sorry about that,” he said, coming to a stop in front of the group. “I forgot to bring my theme music with me.”


    “I can’t help but feel like I’ve heard that music before…” Jack said, rubbing his chin.

    “No, no, of course you haven’t!” The Council member replied with a dismissive wave of his hand.

    “Yeah,” said Meiya, thoughtfully. “Isn’t that the same music as another tall, black-cloaked dark lord?”

    “PSSH! As if! That asthmatic ass-clown stole it from ME. Never gave me any credit for it either! Feh! Thinks he’s so special just because he got a movie franchise…”

    “Uh-huh…” Said Drake, obviously not convinced.

    “Anyway,” the Councilman continued, clapping his gloved hands together. “Welcome to my humble abode! I trust you’ll find it comfortable… since none of you will ever be leaving it again, that is.”

    “We’ll see about THAT!” Brigh cried, pulling out a pair of matching laser guns and aiming them both in his direction. But when she went to pull the trigger…she found that she couldn’t. “W---what?” Her arms trembled and shook with visible effort as she tried to fight against some invisible force that was keeping her trigger fingers at bay. “AAAAGH! Why….can’t…I….fire?!?

    It was then that the others realized that couldn’t move either. No matter how hard they tried none of them could move from their places. A couple of them swore under their breath as the hooded man chuckled with amusement.

    “Oh, that’s just a little something I like to call The Might. Little technique I picked up not too long ago. It allows me to bend and control an invisible energy field that surrounds all living things and holds the universe together. Nifty little trick, really.”

    Roy let out a loud sneeze that sounded a lot like RIPOFF.

    “SHUT UP, IT’S TOTALLY ORIGINAL! *cough* Anyway, I’m afraid I shall have to insist that you all stay put. Not that you have much of a choice at the moment…”

    “What the hell is your problem with us, huh?” Jane yelled. The figure raised his eyebrows (which none of our characters could actually see since they were hidden beneath his cloak…).

    “My dear child, I should think it obvious by now. The Council wishes to obtain the Gem of Incredible-But Never-Fully-Explained-Powers and you meddling kids keep getting in the way. And, well, that doesn’t really sit well with us. So I’ll be keeping you all here and out of our hair until our mission is complete.”

    “Err...,” said Fisherman Steve, confused, “Then why don’t you just kill us now?”

    Drake managed to break free of the Might spell long enough to smack Steve upside the head.

    “That would make more sense…. BUT, I’m a cliché villain so I have to keep you all alive out the sheer desire to gloat later.” He snapped his fingers and the door of the lift slid open again, this time revealing a group of white-glad, heavily armed soldiers in masks that, in absolutely no way possible, bore any resemblance whatsoever at to Storm Troopers. Nope. Nothing like them.

    “Guards!” he barked in order, “Please escort our “guests” to the prison block.”

    **Winner of the "Most Mysterious Character" Award (2009)**
    Sanya Halvacor - Kingdom Heartless

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    Default Re: It Still Sucks to be Us! (STARTS! Limited LSUs)

    Jack Scarecrow

    Our "heroes" had no choice but to be escorted by the Hurricane Troopers (yes, we ARE going that far to rip off starwars. I know it's lame. Shut up!). Their enemy had released them from the might only after they were in very tight cuffs. They were being led at gunpoint down to the cell block, where no doubt the more prettier of the group would end up as prison bitches, and the more stronger ones seek out bitches of their own. In other words, it didn't seem like much of a future...for the bitches anyway.

    "So, what's the plan?" Roy asked Jack, who raised an eyebrow.


    "Yeah, to get us out of this mess."

    "And why do you assume I have a plan?"

    "Because you always have a plan. You're the only one of us who actually thinks this shit through."

    Jack sighed. It was true. He was the most bizarre looking, and yet the most sane one of the group.

    "Well, I do have one idea," he said.

    "Really? What?"

    Suddenly, Jack threw his body forward, slamming one of the troopers into the wall. The rest of the troopers spun around, immediately opening fire on Jack...and missing quite horribly. Jack brought his arms up, one of the blasts slicing through the cuffs. Then, using his cross (yes, they were carrying it with them. Dumb, I know), Jack immediately dispatched them before releasing the others.

    "Jack," Drake said as he was released, "I have to say, that was pretty ballsy of you."

    The scarecrow shrugged. "Not really. They're shameless rip-offs, and regular storm troopers have crap enough aim as it is." The rest of the group nodded in understanding. Made sense to them.

    "Now, we've got to-"

    "Blow this place up!" Brigh interupted, brandishing her weapons with glee as the other visibly sweat dropped.

    "...I was going to say "Let's get out of here," but that works too." Jack shrugged, figuring why the hell fight it.

    "So, where too?" Jane asked, reading her weapon.

    "Well," Roy spoke up, "in all sci-fi movies there's always on power source that's rediculously easy to cause to explode. Like the core of the death star, or the warp cares in Star Trek."

    ======Beyond the Fourth Wall======

    Ben let out a yelp as Brandy slapped him on the back of the head for making fun of Star Trek.

    ======Back to the Show======

    "Ok then, off to the core then!" Jack yelled out, as the group dashed down the hall.

    ======Meanwhile, in the Throne Room======

    The hooded man whistled as he stepped into the throne room. Five holograms before him flickered to life, all showing hooded figures.

    "Greetings my comrades." he spoke up.

    "Jimmy," the center figure spoke, "You're the intern. We're your masters. We are NOT comrades. Not yet anyway."

    "Oh, but I think I will soon. I've caught those pesky heroes who had been messing up our plans. More than what YOU'VE done. Erm, master."

    "Really now?" the figure replied, raising an eyebrow under the hood.

    "Yep," Jimmy replied.

    "You caught the heroes."


    The figure snapped his fingers and the screen behind them flickered on, showing the heroes in question running down the hall.

    "These heroes right here?"

    Jimmy was stunned for a moment. "How did they escape my Hurricane Troopers!?"

    "Hurrican Troopers?" the tall hooded figure in the back spoke, "Really?"

    "Shut up! I'll get them. You'll see!" Jimmy turned and dashed out of the room. The room was quiet for a few moments before another hooded figure spoke up.

    "Ten bucks says he blows it."

    "You're on," said the fourth, a woman. The first hooded figure sighed and face palmed. The final figure, another woman, rested a hand on his shoulder sympathetically.

    "Who's brilliant idea was it to leave the intern in charge?" he muttered.

    "Yours." the tall figure replied snarkily. There was a moment of silence before the lead figure turned to him.

    "Shut up."
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