...because I forgot to put this up along with the News.

This here is the thread you can use to throw out any lovely ideas you may have for the improval of the RPG News. We'll take any suggestions, as long as they're you know... constructive. This ain't a place to be saying what you think is crap about the current News, just other things we could add to it to make it an overall better reading experience for us all.

Plus... why doesn't anyone comment?! It makes me sad. D: The Fanfic Ezine gets a metric ton of comments every month, so why don't we?

Now, I had an idea a while ago for a crossword each month, or maybe every other issue, but I came up against a wall when it came to creating them. SO I ask, does anyone know of a good crossword-creating site? Or something? I mean, I could always make them in photoshop if people would want them...