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Thread: Getting stuff off 'Wi-Fi'

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    Default Getting stuff off 'Wi-Fi'

    Hihi. Long time no see, etc. etc.

    I'm looking at the Bulbapedia aritcle on Oak's Letter ( ) and it says "It was released over Nintendo Wi-Fi for the first time from April 18 to May 11, 2009 for players of the Japanese version of Platinum."

    Now, I happen to have a Japanese version of Platinum. It happens to be between April 18 and May 11 2009. I even happen to be in Japan. But I'm still bamboozled as to how one should get the letter in question from this mysterious "Wi-Fi". Is it some function of the Global Terminal?

    An explanation would very much be appreciated.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Default Re: Getting stuff off 'Wi-Fi'

    If it worls just like Rottom, you need to activate the Wifi Mystery Gift. If you already have it, simply connect via that and you should recive the gift. BTE, are you up for some battles?
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    Default Re: Getting stuff off 'Wi-Fi'

    Wow, thanks for the quick response! Now I just need to find somewhere with wireless...

    Battles might be tricky. Not to mention I'm very much out of practice. I only have a pair of level 100 pokémon in Pearl, and they're traded over from RSE. In Platinum I haven't even climbed Mt Coronet yet.

    What level do people battle at? Is it all 100s or can I get away with a lower level team...?

    (Of course it's moot point at this minute since I don't have wireless. But I might get an adaptor)

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    Default Re: Getting stuff off 'Wi-Fi'

    Most people battle at level 100, but Diamond, Pearl and Platinum have a feature that allows you to set the levels of all Pokémon at 50 or 100 so that's what they use. Except for some casual battles or certain kinds of competitive battling events, level is now considered largely irrelevant (aside from the Pokémon being at the right level for whatever moves/evolutions you need). You'll be fine.

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    Default Re: Getting stuff off 'Wi-Fi'

    Thanks for the help guys, I got a USB wireless doodad today, and hooked myself up. And now I've got a Shaymin. Woo! If only I'd tried this sooner I could have had a Darkrai too... oh well.

    And now to look into battling...

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