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Thread: HG/SS News: Pokémon Yellow?

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    Default HG/SS News: Pokémon Yellow?

    Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I just saw this on Kotaku and I thought it was worth posting... better people hear about it twice than not at all, right?

    There's a tiny bit of gameplay footage where you can see Chikoriate following Gold around in what I'm guessing is New Bark Town. So maybe this is like Pokémon Yellow, or the park areas in Generation IV? I didn't use the parks in Gen IV, but I remember Pikachu trailing around all the way through Pokémon Yellow. Ah, good times!

    Possibly temporarily back. Again.

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    Default Re: HG/SS News: Pokémon Yellow?

    I don't know either if this should be in the main announcement topic, but I wanted to bring on a few points.

    1) Pokemon Yellow sure did the trailing function more elegantly than Squaresoft in Final Fantasy VIII. While the characters in FFVIII looked stupid running after each other, Pokemon looked nice. So this is a continuation of that.

    2) But why does Chikorita follow the trainer? Doesn't it like PokeBalls?
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