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    This is an OOC topic for the 'Naruto: The Hidden Curse' rpg. Well, this is the new OOC topic, anyways. The old one was too old so we have this new thread to use going forward. The rpg is officially caught up so everyone is free to resume posting now at their leisure.

    Use this topic to talk about the rpg, discuss characters, plan ahead, collaborate, etc. I intend to keep this rpg running strong as long as I can.

    Oh, and as the pages of the OOC Lounge rack up don't forget to keep checking back to this very first page. I intend to keep this initial post updated with important information. There'll be a recent events summary (which I thoroughly encourage players to take it uponi themselves to compile and submit to me via PM anytime the previous recent events section gets stale), a section for active NPC profiles (broken down by their roles such as enemies, allies, sensei, etc), plus maybe other things I haven't though of yet. That way this kind of information will always be easily obtainable. Look for the first such update to this post some time in the coming week.

    Everyone, please dive in here and help me keep this rpg alive!

    Sensei NPCs:

    Name: Kakashi, Yukiso
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Yukiso strangely… well, until you look at his history, looks just like Kakashi. However, his hair is not a silvery grey but his is completely black, with a slightly reddish tint to it in the sunlight. Yukiso however does not have the Sharingan like Kakashi, so he wears his protector on his forehead, but usually the metal part is to the right side. [For an image of what Kakashi looks like for reference, click here. ]
    Personality: Yukiso is pretty laid back and generally has a good sense of humor. However, when dealing with training issues or missions he seems to do a complete 180. He becomes extremely serious and very cold to a point. Often when around Kakashi, he seems to like to try to push Kakashi’s buttons and the two are almost comical at times. Yukiso also seems to have a dangerously curious nature and loves learning, and often will halt anything for the opportunity to learn something new.
    History: Yukiso was born into the Kakashi family, two years after Hatake Kakashi. Mirroring his brother, Yukiso was a very talented student and extremely smart. While his talents seemed to not be as quite up to part as Hatake’s, his wit and intelligence seemed far beyond (when comparing their academy life). Yukiso also became a Jounin at age 13, like his brother. However, as soon as the war ended… Yukiso went off to do training in other villages to hone his skills and learn advanced knowledge.
    Growing up, Yukiso and Hatake had a great rivalry… mostly from Hatake, who did not like the idea of his younger brother surpassing him. This only grew when Hatake gained the Sharingan, in which Yukiso worked extra hard to learn advanced techniques to rival the powerful ability of the Sharingan. They seem to have glimpses of this rivalry from time to time, however it is not as nearly prominent as it used to be.
    Today, Yukiso has come back from his travels to become a sensei for new Genin. No one seems to know this yet… (his arrival will be a surprise to anyone, for no one knows Hatake has a brother except for some Jounin and such.) Yukiso is a Jounin, like Hatake.
    Main Jutsu: Genjutsu – he’s renown for his impressive Genjutsu techniques, because they’re very unique compared to normal Genjutsu. <mwhahahaa…>
    Special Abilities: Time Illusion: Passing Days – [ A Genjutsu that is extremely hard to detect, but has the ability to trick the victim for a long amount of time into believing an illusion. A day could pass in their realty, when really only an hour has passed or the reverse etc… ]
    Hobbies: Yukiso likes to read books, like Hatake. However, he is found reading ridiculously hard text books… like the Theorems of Calculus etc. He also loves to “pop” in on people randomly, usually by surprise. He is very much a people person.
    Relations: Brother of Hatake Kakashi. (Any other relations or acquaintances is accepted! Future relations… (like if anyone wants to look up to my Yukiso… aww… that’s fine too!))
    Other: Yukiso rocks. That is all.

    Name: Kuroda, Miharu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Miharu is no exception to the term “beautiful” in description. She has long, flowing vibrant red hair that gently is layered to frame her face. In full length, her hair reaches midway down her back but usually is done up into a complex and elaborate arrangement of circlets to form a thick ponytail. Her eyes are a fierce green, seeming to mirror the same jungle green that one often sees on missions. Her skin is fairly pale but has a healthy glow and brings in her crimson hair and green eyes. She wears her headband loosely around her neck, and her overall costume is a kimono-like outfit. However, the length of the kimono is cut right above the knees and allows for free movement. The midsection of the kimono is very tight while the arms are large and flowing, cutting off midway through the bicep. The color of the kimono is strangely enough, black with light crimson trim. The large sash around the midsection is also red, and the kimono only has one large pattern on the back- the symbol of the dog. She usually trains with no shoes, but otherwise wears red sandals.
    Personality: Miharu has a very soft tongue and is generally extremely kind. She would go out of her way to protect anything natural, and many of her techniques reflect on her desire to preserve nature. While she wishes for others to excel and do their best, she prefers for people to do so without harming themselves too much. Still, she has great work ethic and places great emphasis on studies and using your mind to think through situations rather than brash action. Her quite nature might come across slightly creepy since her appearance does draw some attention. She doesn’t get along well with those of loud demeanors and often will remain quiet. When she does get loud or angry however, it usually comes as quite a shock and scars many people.
    [I’m leaving the history of the other three sensei blank. You’ll find out some how if you want.]
    Main Jutsu: Medic Ninjutsu – She is highly revered for her medical Ninjutsu and crafting it not only to heal others, but to strike at perfect points of attack.
    Special Abilities: Main Point Explosive Chakra Shards – One of her most perfected Jutsus. The attack allows her to mold her chakra into several shards, in which she can blast outwards at her opponent. The only thing is, being a medic Ninja gives her advanced knowledge of all chakra points and the body, thus allowing her to direct the chakra shards to any point of the body she wishes- making the attack completely harmless if she wishes… or quite lethal.
    Hobbies: She pays regular visits to hospitals and rehabilitation facilities, usually helping out or at least adding flowers to the place to make it look nicer. She gardens as well.
    Relations: Relative of Tsunade, but tends to keep a low profile about that and herself in general.
    Other: *eats other*

    Name: Hara, Takumi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Appearance: At first glance, anyone can tell that Takumi is a bit… wild. His hair alone gives it away- being a very messy or frayed looking mop, with a few strands covering his eyes. The light almost white-blue hair color seems to contrast well against his vibrant golden-orange eyes, that seem to have really small pupils inside giving him a rather insane-eye look. His body is slightly tanned and his overall build it large and toned. He is usually seen wearing a Jounin green vest, with black fishnetting underneath going all the way to his wrists. Upon his lower half he wears royal blue baggy pants, which cut off tightly around the midsection of his calves. On his left leg he has tape wrapped about his leg, along with a regular pouch strapped on as well. Fishnetting is underneath these pants as well, and goes all the way down to his ankles where he wears blue ninja shoes. Also, he wears his headband around his right arm and has deep blue paint marking underneath his eyes as a symbol of the Hara clan.
    Personality: Takumi is very eccentric, to the point of sometimes being pondered as slightly insane. He is wild and is an extreme version of a go-getter, and doesn’t hesitate to offer himself up for any challenge. He believes that one should put all of themselves into whatever they do, and if they don’t then they should just give up to begin with. Despite being wild and unpredictable, he is extremely talented in Ninjutsus- all of his hyperactivity being channeled into training gave him an edge over others at an early age.
    Main Jutsu: Ninjutsu – He is extremely talented in executing several Ninjutsus and memorizing many of their techniques. However, his biggest strength lies in the amount of chakra he possess- which is “insanely” large.
    Special Abilities: Force Jutsu: Dragon Blast – Using a huge amount of chakra, Takumi molds it together in the form of a dragon blast attack. This attack channels outwards from his body with gaining moment, to collide straight into an opponent. The force not only damages their chakra channels and points, it also pushes out their own chakra. (the amount of chakra depends on the opponent and the amount of force Takumi applies.) This technique is extremely draining and Takumi has only had to use it twice in his life.
    Hobbies: Takumi does a bit of everything… he often gets bored and goes meandering around the town to find things to do. He loves talking but even more so, he loves competition and won’t back down to a challenge. This often gets him in trouble with the more intelligent Yukiso and the more athletic Kazuki.
    Relations: Believes to be related to Jiraiya.
    Other: <3

    Name: Saruwatari, Kazuki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Kazuki has a very lean build, however every inch of his body seems to be extremely toned and detailed. He has strong facial features and prominent cheekbones, which are only accentuated by his thick black hair which is drawn back into a tight ponytail, leaving only a few strands near his right eye. His eyes are a deep brown, almost to the point of making his eyes look black. His skin is a slightly olive shade and seems to reflect in the sunlight with a healthy glow. Upon his body he wears a jumpsuit that is such a deep blue it almost looks black- except the neck of the jumpsuit widens out so not to be tight around his neck. Around his waist, Kazuki wears a black sash that hugs his abdomen. Around his left leg he has his ninja headband wrapped around the upper thigh. The odd thing about his suit however, is that he wears long black, rugged-looking boots that reach halfway up his calves.
    Personality: Kazuki is probably the coldest and most aloof sensei out of the four. No wait, he is… out probably anyone in Konoha. He hates being social or doing anything social… except when he begrudgingly has to do missions with others. In all actuality, he was rather blackmailed or “forced” into coming back to Konoha to become a sensei. Thus, he’s very harsh and does not tolerate incompetence or stupidity… or failure in any form. He expects the best and does not acknowledge anything less. He’ll ignore you if he has deemed you incompetent or not worth his time.
    Main Jutsu: Taijutsu – He may look too lean or tall, but he packs quite a punch.
    Special Abilities: Surrounding Force Jutsu – A special form of Jutsu which he himself perfected. He uses his Taijutsu skills and hones in limited amounts of chakra, to place a great amount of force into his surroundings so that he may use them for his own gain. Don’t worry about the description… you’ll see it eventually.
    Hobbies: Kazuki just trains… and trains… occasionally he sleeps.
    Relations: Gai is probably his best friend, even though Gai drives him crazy with his “social” thing.
    Other: Kazuki will make you cry… and if he doesn’t, he’ll hurt you.

    Name: Saruwatari, Sai
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: See here for a crappy rough sketch. Did this for just main ‘get the concept’ appearance. Sai has flowing black hair that is tyed up into two pigtails. This is quite the contrast to her pale but vibrant skin and her dark honey-brown eyes. She’s quite short, being only 5’3 and while she does have a bust she looks quite young. She usually is found adorning a long sleeved, skin-tight black shirt with more loose and baggy deep crimson pants. Around her waist she wears a brown belt, fastened to it a blue scroll, a few kunai and a white pouch.
    Personality: Sai is quite the contrast to her Uncle, Kazuki. She’s quite happy, loud and chipper. While not off the wall and clutzy like Hara, she is very talkative. She doesn’t have much of a temper but rather places all of her energy to be ‘gung-ho’ and “do your best!” She is extremely friendly and often loves to socialize with nearly anyone. She is only reserved about her own history, in which she’ll get deadly quiet. The only one who seems to bring out her anger is Kazuki.
    History: Sai’s history is purposefully very mysterious and hard to get a hold of. Only Elite Jounin know of it, so naturally the four other Sensei do. She is the Niece of Saruwatari Kazuki, but shunned for several years and almost dismissed from the line. It is only until recently that they have accepted her, but still are quite distant. She used to be extremely close to Kazuki growing up. She did grow up in the Hidden Leaf Village and rose to the elite ranks extremely swiftly- almost unnaturally so. She trained heavily under Kazuki for a time, which inabled her to reach the rank of Jounin quite swiftly. She disappeared for 4 years and has, as of late, made a reappearance.
    Main Jutsu: Taijutsu & Ninja-Related-Objects Specialist
    Special Abilities: Sai is extremely adept at using her own special-made battle-ready objects. This means kunai and various throwing weapons, but most importantly and distinctively it means bombs. Combined with her Tsuande-esque Taijutsu power, Sai is one girl you do not want to get on the bad side of.
    Hobbies: Sai loves tinkering with everyday objects to make them something either completely off the wall or incredibly useful. She also recently opened a Weapons Shop called, “High Infinity Power” AKA H.I.P. XD
    Relations: Niece of Saruwatari, Kazuki.
    Other: Has a very unique fondness of… ahem… Neji. XD XD XD Also, due to her age, she has many younger Genin doubting her real abilites as a Sensei.
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    Woot! Don't worry as long as I get next week's scanlation release ready, I will be free to do this RPG. So wait for me dudes! ^.^;

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    Hey I have a post ready, can we post in the topic now, or are you still busy with it Outlaw?

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    Yes you can post in the rpg now. I've just been waiting for anyone else to post before I post again myself.

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    Can I get anyone to post in the rpg? It's been almost a month since I posted. Please? I don't want it to die again!

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