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    Unown A:
    Unown B: Beautiful - Kurosakura - I always thought of her as beautiful, both in personality and appearance
    Unown C: Creativity - classy_cat18 - She always helps spark a creative post
    Unown D:
    Unown E:
    Unown F:
    Unown G: Genderbender - Virtual Play - Cause he makes the coolest Gender Bender RPGs
    Unown H:
    Unown I:
    Unown J: Jack of All Trades - Kurosakura - Even I am shocked at how fast she can switch between Debating, RPGing, and ASBing, while still finding time for homework, drawing, cooking, cleaning, anime, and manga
    Unown K:
    Unown L:
    Unown M:
    Unown N:
    Unown O:
    Unown P:
    Unown Q:
    Unown R: Rape - chaos_redefined - You... you really don't wanna know
    Unown S:
    Unown T:
    Unown U:
    Unown V:
    Unown W:
    Unown X:
    Unown Y: Yu Gi Oh 4 ever - Houndoom_Lover - For her sticking with her Yu Gi Oh RPG
    Unown Z:
    Unown !:
    Unown ?:
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