The First voting phase of the 2009 Unown Awards have now come to a close, but we still aren't done!! There are still 2 awards that closed with a 2-way tie for first place, meaning that we will have a tiebreaker round in order to determine the winner for Unown Awards A and B. All of the other awards have a definitive winner. The Award Ceremony will follow the completion of this tiebreaker round.

Now, here are your candidates for the awards!!

Unown A

Ancient - Magmar
ASB - DarkestLight

Unown B

Banner Guy - Crazy Elf Boy
Bong - shazza

-If for some reason you only want to vote for 1 award, you are welcome to.

-Although reasons are appreciated, you do not have to specify why you voted for a certain person.

-You can only vote for 1 candidate for each award.

-Votes can be posted in this topic, sent to me by PM, or by e-mail at Again, if you choose the e-mail option, be sure to clearly state in the subject line what your e-mail is about so that it doesn't get mistaken for SPAM.

-26 out of the 28 Awards have already been determined, and they will be revealed after this round ends.

-Nominating somebody in the first round does not count as voting for them, and even if you voted for somebody in the first round, you will need to vote again in this round, the votes do not carry over, think of this as a completely new round!!

-You do not need to have participated in the nominations round or the first round of voting to participate in the tiebraker voting round, voting is open to everybody.

-Voting will end at Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST. Even if I am not currently online at that time to lock this thread, any votes that are posted after that time will NOT be counted, so be sure to get them in before the deadline!!