Okay, so I've been playing with my Red game and have actually gotten quite a good team. I'm just about to face Sabrina (6th badge) and this is my current team:

[Roflcopter][Lv. 41]
Tri Attack/Drill Peck/Fury Attack/Fly

[Mascot][Lv. 40]
Thunderbolt/Mega Punch/Thunder Wave/Swift

[Magyks][Lv. 39]

[Squeak][Lv. 38]
Bubblebeam/Surf/Ice Beam/Quick Attack

[Feminine][Lv. 40]
Body Slam/Bite/Scratch/Poison Sting

[Lizzy][Lv. 42]
Scratch/Seismic Toss/Ember/Slash

So, I'll evolve Mascot when it reaches Lv. 41. I'm just deciding whether or not to teach it Thunder other one of the moves it already knows. I'm gonna evolve Feminine when it learns Fury Swipes...OR I can wait until Lv. 51 and teach it Double Kick. I'll also teach it Earthquake when i evolves too.

For Magyks, Squeak and Roflcopter, there's nothing too problematic. But I'm not sure if I can improve my team. What do you guys think?
(Also, I've sold nearly all of the TMs I've gotten but I've yet to go on Surf sidequests or going to Cinnebar and beyond)