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Thread: Dead RPG Rules

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    Default Dead RPG Rules

    Hey you guys! Now, as you know, there has been some confusion and palaver and whatnot about what, exactly, classes as a “Dead RPG.” We've been having quite a lot of discussion about this, and I'm glad to tell you that we've hammered out the rules!

    A Dead RPG is classified as an RPG which has not had any new character posts in six months or more. Character posts are counted as any post which moves the plot on, or any post for a character in that RPG – basically, anything other than OOC stuff.

    As we all know from the rules, reviving a dead thread is generally banned forum-wide; for RPG this now means that if you try to revive an RPG that is classified as Dead, you will be warned as per the forum-wide rules.

    However! Since we are aware that sometimes, people want to bring back an RPG from the dead, we are implementing a system so you can do just that. Here's how it'll roll;

    1. There will be a thread for this purpose in the Lounge made by me.
    2. If you want to revive an RPG, you post in this thread with a link to the RPG.
    3. For an RPG to be eligible to be revived, you must have at least four people who want to revive it. The four can be people who weren't originally in the RPG, but who now want to join. It would be nice if your four people could also post in the thread so that we have evidence. Of course, you yourself count as one person.
    4. Once you have your four people and your link and whatever, one of the mods will approve your RPG for revival, and you may go ahead and post in it.

    One last thing: you won't be allowed to keep on reviving an RPG over and over again. We will say no after a certain amount of times. However, if you are still desperate, you may do a reboot of the RPG, as some people did for the Naruto RPG a while ago.

    Okay, I think that's all I have to cover. If anyone has any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. I'm on MSN most of the time ( and AIM (Astarielle15) and I won't eat your brains if you contact me. Honest. ¬_¬
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