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    Default Fanfic Rules, Links and 101

    Fanfic’s Rules, Links and Newbie Center

    Before anything else you should probably look at the General Rules here at TPM. They apply in the Fanfic Forum of course.


    1) ANY topic related to writing (fiction or non-fiction) or the fanfic board and its members may be posted here. This includes non-pokemon fiction.

    2) Contests, Chain Stories and awards topics must be approved by a moderator prior to posting.

    3) All chapters of a fic go in the same topic.

    4) Post your fic on TPM, not a link to it, unless you are unable to post the fic on TPM (smiley fics for example). You MAY link to other fics related to the one you are currently posting.

    5) Do not flame (insult or mock) other posters. This includes so-called "MSTs," fanfics that are designed to mock other fics.

    6) Do not spam (make completely pointless posts). The following are all spam :
    -Posting only to advertise your fic
    -Starting a fic topic only to say you'll post your fic later in the main forum
    -Posting many minuscule fics at once.
    -Posting very short (one or two lines of text) unhelpful, irrelevant, and substance-less replies
    -Making a post just to announce a new chapter (then giving the chapter in a second post); this means that the first post of any new fic MUST contain the first instalment of that fic and not merely notes or an introduction.

    7) No gratuitous or overly graphic sex scenes.

    8) Above all, NO plagiarizing (that is, using another author's plotline, characters, settings, dialogue or narrative) without their express permission. This applies to all fanfics and original works posted either on TPM or any other website. The use of characters, settings and plotlines from commercialized or published works is permissible, naturally, as this is the essence of the Fanfiction Forum.

    What Goes Where? A Short Version

    Briefly put, this (main forum) is for:

    1) The rules topic.
    2) Fics currently being written and/or short stories that you are currently posting.

    The writer's lounge is for any non-fiction topic that would have been legitimate under the old rules. This includes the awards topic, though they will be announced in the main forums. Feel free to talk to your heart's content (about fiction-writing-stuff) since it no longer steals first page room from the fics!

    The completed Fanfiction archive is for you to post your completed fics ALL in one go now. Do not post one chapter a day. Post it all.

    DO NOT REPLY to fanfics in the archive (other than to post new chapters). The goal of that forum will be simply for us mods to move your completed fics there a few days after they are completed (See the Stickied Topic in the Writers Lounge).


    Here are some Links you may find useful in your time in the Fanfic Main Forum:

    Poetry Corner -
    Got just one little, limerick, or Haiku or poem? Then post here and reply to others K

    Archive Move Request
    Post here when you want your fic to be moved to the archive.

    Searching for a Fic
    Looking for an old fic? Post here and see if you can help or be helped.

    Fanfic 101

    So, you’re new to The Pokemasters Fanfic eh? Perhaps you should look at this little guide of what we are about and some general information that should help you with our Fanfic Board.

    Well you’re probably wondering what a Fanfic is? Basically it is a piece of Fan written literature, or Fan Fiction, usually shortened to Fanfic or fic. Simple eh? Here we like more than just Pokemon Fanfics and like nearly every single piece of writing you may choose to post. Whether it be a Buffy Fanfic, an essay you thought was quite good or even a poem or short story, we like it all here.

    The Pokemasters or TPM’s Fanfic Board has been around since almost the beginning of time, or the creation of the forums. Back when the TPM site was at full power you could submit fics which would then be displayed on the main site once rated by some individuals most of which are no longer around TPM (Damien Silverblade, PIDGEOTTOS and Mew_Ryuu among others).

    However due to the ever increasing popularity of fics and size we now only have this Fanfic Board.

    The forums of TPM also had some downtime where we had a brief but highly undesirable move to an EzBoard. *Shudders* It wasn’t bad, we just lost a lot of regulars, gained popups and a temperamental system. But we thankfully got our UBB or Vboard back. In June 2005, the boards old server closed down, so we moved to a temporary board, and then got relocated to our new server, where we are now.

    Fanfic is moderated by four longtime members:


    Gavin Luper



    Basically we make sure that everything goes in the right place, organize activities and contests and intervene in various situations. There are other longtime members around too and they know their stuff.

    We here at Fanfic are very lucky to have three forums, and at one time we were the only forum on TPM that had Subforums. Now, however, several other forums have stolen our ingenious and groundbreaking ideas. In any case, apart from Fanfiction Main Forum, we have The Writers Lounge and the Completed Fanfiction Archive as well and more detail will be discussed later.

    So um now I’ll go through and list some information you will need during your stay here. It’s a good read so get to it.

    Fanfic Main Forum

    Here you post any and all of your literature whether it be fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, Pokemon Fanfics, Daria Fanfics, Poems, Song-Fics or Short Stories, it all goes in the main forum Mmmkay.

    Now the thing to remember is Watch Your Isms. Basically that means, you’re posting on a medium where many different people of all walks of life can access it. Except for those people in 3rd world countries! Hee! Sorry. So um.. be nice and courteous.

    And if your fic ain’t getting stellar replies, don’t fret and go to people saying “I read your fic now read mine!"or “WHY AREN’T I GETTING ANY REPLIES!!!?" Remember that every fic has “Closet Readers", people who read but will never reply. There’s not much you can do about them.

    And don’t go advertising in other people’s fics -_-; Its tacky and cheap and people will think of you desperately grabbing for attention. Not a good look.

    Another thing to remember, always give more than a 1 line reply. Try to talk about why the chapter was good, your thoughts, feelings, predictions and such because getting a 1 line reply is almost as bad as getting no replies. Also try to help people by constructive criticism, be nice and helpful.

    So try to read people’s fics as such and reply. Common Courtesy? I’m done here.
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