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Thread: The Official Pokemon Hangman Showroom

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    Default The Official Pokemon Hangman Showroom

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the official Pokemon Hangman database. Louis here, hoping to give everyone a place where you can easily store and show your plushies you've won so far in Pokemon Hangman.

    OK, here's how it works (sorry for C/P Gabi. credits for you on this one):

    It's simple. You just make a post with all the information you want to keep about your plushies. Whenever there's a change, you edit your post to reflect it. Of course, if you'd rather keep track of all your information on a website, you can post a link to your website here (just make sure you have a backup in case the website goes down).

    If you have any questions/doubts/comments, the be sure to let us know. Either the Pokemon Hangman workers (Lady Vulpix, Fett One or Knight of Time, who is also the new GGG moderator) or fellow hangman players (credits to Knight of Time for helping with the idea) will help as long ask you ask nicely.

    And as usual, be sure to abide by the GGG rules, as well as the general TPM rules. Well, I declare the Pokemon Hangman showroom: OPEN!!

    As for me, I'll make my collection sometime later on another post, since this one might be edited sometime in the future.
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