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Thread: MLugia alternate

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    Default MLugia alternate

    here is an alternate for MLugia when it doesn't work or when you get banned:


    it has the same rules, just more capacity, but not much people knows about it

    also try my server:

    i will activate it randomly and no recovery moves are allowed (including leftovers)

    *** is -a s s- without the spaces

    my new server:

    i took out that recovery rule

    my rule is you cant use curse unless it is used randomly on sleep talk

    i activate randomly randomly

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    Default MLugia alternate

    Way to go- you posted three times in a row, and they weren't even accidental double or triple posts.

    Ellé terats sell jetus sčr ellé matraks dell Teratius, myiell.

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    Default MLugia alternate

    Meh, I need to get more free time on my hands so things like this dont go unnoticed. Theman, assuming you are still around, don't do that again. If you have something to add into a post, and no one else has posted after, just edit it into your post. Don't make a new post.

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