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Thread: The Official List What You Remember! Trophy Museum

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    Default The Official List What You Remember! Trophy Museum

    Welcome to The Offical List What You Remember! Trophy Museum!

    If you're familiar with my List What You Remember! you might also remember I promise there to provide winners with small trophy images in the end of each round. Yes, there may be many winners each round, namely in addition to the last poster, those who get the highest score. Each winner will get a small trophy image. All the trophy images of the round will look the same so you can't say 'Hey, that guy's prize looked much better!'

    Anyways, this is a topic where you can post a reply and show off your collection. I can't promise to keep your trophy images in my Photobucket forever, so I recommend you to copy them to your own one or somewhere.

    EDIT: And the limit for images per post is 20, so you may want to make another post if you have more than 20 trophies. Another option is to combine the images, of course.

    EDIT2: Yes, and the rule about the last poster has been gone for long. But no worries, your trophies won't become invalid!
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    Default Re: The Offical List What You Remember! Trophy Museum

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    Yes Re: The Offical List What You Remember! Trophy Museum

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    Default Re: The Official List What You Remember! Trophy Museum

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