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Thread: Perfect Chaos vs. RaZor_LeAf (Ref: NeitherWhiteNorBlack-fox)

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    Default Perfect Chaos vs. RaZor_LeAf (Ref: NeitherWhiteNorBlack-fox)

    So been wanting to fight one of the old vets from ASB for a while now, finally got a slot open.

    Let's make it a normal 3 vs 3 (1 on 1), don't really have any rules to enlist since I would like to make it a quick match. If you want to add anything feel free.

    BTW, feel free to also choose the Arena, I'll send out first and you can attack first.

    I'll start things off with one of my newest Pokemon, Yum Kaax, my Treecko

    Name: Yum Kaax
    Ability: Overgrow
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