Ever tried sending over a egg when you just start? start with any pokemon lol, been thinking about taking something completely random, not sure yet though,
i was thinking of taking something hard, not that it would be hard lol i have done it 1 time b4 started with a pikachu (as soon as the egg hatched i traded back over to my complete game made it love me and lvled it 1 time lol)

kind of thinking something fire, though again not sure, im my diamond vertion i have charmander and squirtle as my fire and water pokemon lol though im temped to start it over as soon as i get bulbasaur

nar but with HG im planning to restart with a pokemon i want, lol i would pick something from Hoenn though lol right now i dont them anymore, trying to get them back with a DS light

anyone ever noticed the pokemon from season 1 look less cute lol