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Thread: Different starter pokemon?

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    Default Different starter pokemon?

    Ever tried sending over a egg when you just start? start with any pokemon lol, been thinking about taking something completely random, not sure yet though,
    i was thinking of taking something hard, not that it would be hard lol i have done it 1 time b4 started with a pikachu (as soon as the egg hatched i traded back over to my complete game made it love me and lvled it 1 time lol)

    kind of thinking something fire, though again not sure, im my diamond vertion i have charmander and squirtle as my fire and water pokemon lol though im temped to start it over as soon as i get bulbasaur

    nar but with HG im planning to restart with a pokemon i want, lol i would pick something from Hoenn though lol right now i dont them anymore, trying to get them back with a DS light

    anyone ever noticed the pokemon from season 1 look less cute lol

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    Default Re: Different starter pokemon?

    When I got Crystal, I'd already played through Silver with the Gen 2 starters and to be honest, was never that fond of them. So I traded over a Bulbasaur, Squirtle and a Charmander, and played with them. It was ace! I remember thinking the Gen 2 sprites of the Gen 1 starters were so cool.

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    Default Re: Different starter pokemon?

    I have to admit, I used to like the Fire starters. Maybe it was because Fire Pokemon were rare in the early games. (Of course, that isn't the case with the most recent one, where you can catch a Growlithe almost as soon as you start, and a Magby rather early too in one of the games.) The problem was, choosing the Fire starter would put you at a BIG disadvantage against the first Gym most of the time, as the first Gym Leader used Rock Types in three different games.

    Of course, in Black2/White2 it really isn't possible for you to have a Pokemon that gives you an advantage against Cheren (a guy at the door tells you where you can get a Riolu, but you'd have to level it up to Lvl 15 for it to learn a Fighting move, which is almost impossible at that point) so you can really choose any Starter you want there. Still, the Water one is the most popular choice. (The Fire one, well... It's kinda neat, sure, but as far as Fire Pokemon go, you could do better.)

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    Default Re: Different starter pokemon?

    I think a lot of players lost interest in the Fire starters when THREE Gens in a row, the first and second evolutions were also part Fighting. I can see their point. Gamefreak is REALLY pushing it now with that. Although I DO like Pignite and Emboar mainly for Heat Crash.
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    Default Re: Different starter pokemon?

    Emboar is actually the only fire starter that I really like. Besides that, I'm a big fan of Torterra, Meganium, Venusaur and Servine as well so I guess I'm tied to the Grass starters.

    Water didn't really get my attention as well, 'cept for Swampert. Empoleon is alright too.

    As for different starters, well I did thousands of monotypes, so I traded a necessary pokemon as soon as I could. Or I just caught one I liked, then ditched the starter.

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