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Thread: Gender?

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    Question Gender?

    Yes please I was going to use the word with three letters when giving the title, but decided to be less provocative.

    Anyway, since Crystal, you have been able to choose your trainer character's gender in Pokemon games. What choices have you tried?

    I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I think I did opt for a girl in Crystal but ever since that time I took my own gender. Perhaps.

    Then the second part of this thread, where we can use our wildest imagination. Rumor has it that the becoming X/Y games will have more route choosing, so would you like your character's gender affect the plot more or are you happy with a stricter storyline as in previous games? If your answer to that question was that you'd like a more diverse plot, how exactly could the gender affect?

    Here comes my solution. If I worked for Game Freak, I'd try some love story: make the trainers your character encounters develop some different feelings. Maybe you could also answer to questions in a different way, like if you had captured the legendary Yveltal, a beautiful girl might ask if you could take her to somewhere flying the Pokemon and you could pick yes or no. You could even make your trainer more attractive akin to the cross-dressing scene in Wall Market, Final Fantasy VII.

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    Default Re: Gender?

    Well I always buy both versions of the games and I play one with the boy and one with the girl... It makes the game seem a little more different, and it just makes it a little easier for me to keep track of completing my Pokedex and stuff, especially when trading version exclusives Pokemon between the games.
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    Default Re: Gender?

    More often than not, I opt to play as the female character. I dunno, I just do it. The last one I played (Black), I used the female character.
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    Default Re: Gender?

    I usually play as male, but every so often I'll decide to switch it up and play the female just to see how the dialogue differs.

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    Default Re: Gender?

    I've always played the female character on principle that I wasn't able to before Crystal XD

    But I always give them a variant of my name, so I know where each pokemon has come from. However, I ran out when it came to White 2, so she has my middle name

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    Default Re: Gender?

    I always play as a male character. I just never had an interest in playing as a female.
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