Hello, everyone!

I'm sure you've all noticed the changes Kevin has made to the forums. However, you may or may not have noticed some subtler changes in the forum structure.

Basically, we (the mod team) are trying to make the forums more comfortable for everyone to use, and more attractive to new potential members.

So far we have unified the TPM Website and Forum Help forums into the forum where this post is located. We have also turned the 4th Generation forum into a subforum of Classic Generations. And, of course, we have created the X/Y forum.

We would like to hear your input about some other ideas we've been discussing (and have not reached an agreement).

1. Making The Binary District into a subforum (of Misc?), since it doesn't have much activity.

2. Merging FanFiction and FanArt into a Fanwork forum. The Writer's Lounge may either be merged as well or become a broader subforum for meta discussion.

3. Merging RPG and RPG Lounge.

4. Extending the reach of Anime and Manga to visual entertainment in general (films, TV, comics, etc.). If we were to do this, name ideas for the new forum would be welcome.

5. Getting rid of the Archives section and instead having each forum have its own archive as a subforum.

6. Turning AC/CC into a subforum of GGG again.

7. Any other ideas to make TPM better?

So far, nothing is set in stone. We can do any of the above or none at all. Items 3 and 6 already have firm opposition from some mods (because RPG Lounge, while not currently very active, will become useful if activity picks up, and because if AC/CC becomes a subforum again, then no one will notice it and it is bound to die like it nearly did last time it was made a subforum). But it is all open for discussion.

Also note that items 2 and 3 would be irreversible. Once two or more forums become one, there is no way back.

All this said, whatever we do will affect everyone who uses the forums, and we would like to hear your thoughts. So please post them here.