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Thread: Favorite Kalos Pokemon

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    Default Favorite Kalos Pokemon

    Which Pokemon this time around is your favorite? Mine are the Fennekin line, Honedge line, both Pyroar forms, Malamar, Greninja, and Hawlucha. I'm sure everyone's been waiting for a Flying/Fighting type for years and now we have one and it looks pretty cool and its look works well for it. Hawlucha has to be the best non-Legendary Pokemon this time around due to its large movepool and variety of move types it has. I mean it can counter practically anything you throw at it including Psychic attacks. Plus being able to use a move that is simultaneously two types is VERY nice! Flying Press is basically Nuzleaf/Shiftry/Cacturne's worst nightmare. So which are your favorites?
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    Default Re: Favorite Kalos Pokemon

    Mine would be xerneas and vivilion. They both are real live pokemon that can be used to counter many new ones.
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    Default Re: Favorite Kalos Pokemon

    Does Mega Mawile count? She is my fairy killer!

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    Default Re: Favorite Kalos Pokemon

    Non-Megas: Chespin, Talonflame, Amaura, Goodra
    Megas: Mawile, Gardevoir, Absol

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