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Thread: Friend Safari

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    Alright guys, so quick update: Although I switched games, my FS is not so different. I still have a fighting FS with Mankey and Throh, but my 3rd Pokémon now is Breelom. Let me know when you plan to log in so that I can leave my 3DS on and connected. I'm not sure who I have added so far, so if I haven't added you, send me a PM or a visitor message and I'll add you to my friend list.

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    Thank you everyone... for being so kind and for bringing out the best in me! You are definitely awesome! ^_^

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    Thanks to KoT, I can now play my cartridge on both of my Nintendo 3DS systems. We figured out having two consoles gives you two Friend Safaris. The Friend Code for the secondary system is 0276-2159-0898 and the Friend Safari is the Ground Type. Oh yeah, and I named the Mii mjt2.
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    Legit shitty that my Friend Safari is fucking bug

    fucking bug
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragoKnight View Post
    Legit shitty that my Friend Safari is fucking bug

    fucking bug
    here's a riddle? who has more bugs?
    tony's safari zone or the pokemasters forums?
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