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Thread: Just got White 2: Question about Gen 4>5>6 transfers

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    Default Just got White 2: Question about Gen 4>5>6 transfers

    Managed to track down a new copy of White 2 fairly cheap since I'm going to need it to eventually move all my Gen 3/4 Pokémon onto X. Was just mainly wondering what the requirements for the 4>5 transfer were. I'm assuming it's something typical such as beating the Elite Four/Champ. Also wondering when I'll be able to use the Pokémon Bank as I have every intent to move at least one of every starter off W2 before officially jumping into it.
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    Default Re: Just got White 2: Question about Gen 4>5>6 transfers

    Yeah, you need to Beat the E4 and the Poketransfer lab is just west of White Forest. There aren't any restrictions other than the transferred pokemon can't have any HM moves, and any items they have will be put in your bag automatically. You have to play a mini-game to transfer them, and any that don't get caught in the mini game stay on their original game. Luckily, you can always try again since, unlike with Gen 3-4, there's no limit on how many times you can transfer in a day.
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    Default Re: Just got White 2: Question about Gen 4>5>6 transfers

    oh my god this is some top-quality ubb botting
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    Default Re: Just got White 2: Question about Gen 4>5>6 transfers

    Database errors caused me to ban it twice. Good job TPM.

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