Hello, everyone! This is a new space where you can share TPM-related news and draw attention to your threads and anything you want people to see.

For instance, you can share news like these:

  • A discussion about the situation of the RPG forum has begun. Post here to share your views, and maybe help get a new RPG started.
  • A new scenario has been posted at the Dragon Tamers Battle Range. For those who don't know, this is a Pokemon RPG/Collaborative Writing game which has been going on since December, 2000 and is always welcoming new players. Check the Adopted and Captured Pokemon forum and/or ask Lady Vulpix for more details.
  • People have been using Mt. Moon to have all sorts of meaningful conversations. That is not the purpose of that forum. That is what the rest of TPM is for! So, if you love TPM, please start using its different forums. And now you can use this thread to get others to notice what you're doing on the board.

I hope we can all make good use of this thread. We can pump some new life into TPM if we make new posts and reply to other people's posts everywhere on the board.