Hi those of you who have come down to look at this

So CT and I have been talking over some ideas of the kind of RPGs we could run, and I'd like some opinions please.

1) The traditional, long, plot and story focused RPG.
The usual standard format for RPGs. Personally I've got a massive fantasy boner atm, so we could probably come up with something along those lines. Obviously, anyone can run something else if they want to. And it might not end up as fantasy.

2) The short, boss fight focused, short term goal RPG.
So this is something I came up with. What I really loved about some RPGs that I've played is when there's been a boss fight of some description, and the characters have to meet goals to avoid being murdered. So I thought each person could have a "bank" of characters in a thread, in the RPG lounge, that are suitable for different situations. You can throw in any character you want at any point, and the GM will set certain goals along the way in order for you to defeat the enemy.
Obviously, if there was some really good plot points coming together, and character interactions, there's no reason why it couldn't span into a bigger RPG, with more plot involved. It could almost be like an ice breaker - I know I personally need some practice after being away for so long.
This doesn't have to be a boss fight either. Could be just short scenarios of something going down.

3) Both!/Either!
Select this option if both sound good to you.

4) Neither! I hate RPGs!

5) I've got a better idea!
Please share it

Personally, I like number 2 because I'm quite the busy bee and would like something shorter, but I'm up for anything, so I vote for Both/Either.

If you've got any questions, ask away.

Much love and hugs,
Your RPG Overlords <3