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    Default ASB Reform/Suggestions Thread

    This place is in need of reform, methinks. I have few ideas I'd like to see implemented in the future (preferably before/during Gen 7's release) that I wanted to run by the general population first.

    First off -- I wanna get rid of the gyms for now. Least until we have more people.

    Second, I thought about revamping the approval tower to allow members to buy certain pokémon outright. I'd like to be able to catch certain pokémon again without having to trek through the Safari Zone again. Certain rarer pokémon will only be available there, of course, but common ones will be at the tower.

    Third, the evolution system needs to be reworked as well. I'm thinking about skipping the points for it altogether, but making the experience requirement a little more difficult. Basic evolutions would require either the pokémon to defeat another pokémon in battle (by eliminating 51% or more of their health), or participate in at least two battles. No points required whatsoever. They could also participate in a completed Safari Zone quest to receive experience to evolve as well. Middle-stage pokémon will require two battles to evolve period (regardless of whether or not they won the first battle). You could still use a completed Safari Zone quest, however.

    Quarterly, I'm gonna go through the list of mega evolutions and revamp it completely. Every evolution (baring extreme exceptions) will receive stat boosts, not just certain ones. This should make it a little more fair.

    Finally, I'm thinking about including holdable items and evolution stones. These can be purchased at the Poké Mart to give to your pokémon to be used in battle. Evolution stones can be used on certain pokémon to bypass the experience required to evolve, while hold items can be used to give your pokémon the edge during battle or during a quest.
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