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    Default Shiny Watch 2017

    Hey guys! First of all, credits to Lady Vulpix for the 2014 thread which inspired this thread and to Ayeun for the original thread.

    So now that we have a new generation and even more Pokemon, I think its time to see the shinies found by everyone here. So, let's get it started:

    My list:

    Found in the Wild: Lillipup (now a Stoutland), Pinsir

    SOS chain: Elekid (now an Electivire), Mimikyu, Eevee (now an Espeon), Riolu (now a Lucario), Bagon (now a Salamence), Beldum, Rockruff

    Breeding (MM): Rowlet (now a Decidueye)

    (Pics do not upload for some reason so I wish to ask for permission to provide a link to another site to show them).
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    Thank you everyone... for being so kind and for bringing out the best in me! You are definitely awesome! ^_^

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