Its seems that TPM's last days are drawing near, so I propose this idea.

Here it is, the discussion about moving all the Mt. Moon threads to Mt. Moon Archive. I'm aware of the rule 'what starts at Mt. Moon, it stays at Mt. Moon' but I don't think it prevents us from discussing this.

I'm all for moving the threads, as you might guess. I was at the hospital when Mt. Moon rose, but what I noticed later was that the spam forum became super popular. But at the same time, it consumed our energy and free time. Also, it diverted the attention from other forums and soon people abandoned those forums. Some even used Mt. Moon for posting all sorts of sensible topics which could well have gone forward better elsewhere. People spammed there because at Mt. Moon, everyone could reply anyway they wanted.

I must not hide the fact that the Postcount +++ people would also like this. I'm also somewhat that kind of guy myself. I'd like to see what the postcounts looked like if the threads were moved to Mt. Moon Archive, where every post counts.

What does everyone else think?