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Thread: the pokemon go thread has gone the way of the dodo beard so here's ANOTHER ONE

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    Default the pokemon go thread has gone the way of the dodo beard so here's ANOTHER ONE

    whoa! what is the matter with this forum? it's like driving a jalopy around. anyway, pokemon go. what up kids?

    poryhedron: we are SO CLOSE to besties. one day to go! i'll wait to open your gift until i see you respond to this, and we can pick a time (i'm Central time) to do the lucky egg combo and get 200000XP
    so you got some curb appeal
    but can you cook a three-course meal?
    or are you just a present waiting to be
    opened up and parceled out again?

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    Default Re: the pokemon go thread has gone the way of the dodo beard so here's ANOTHER ONE

    The other thread is right down there! vvv

    O well, hi new thread! I had a great Community Day weekend. I kind of obsessed, honestly. I evolved 3 new Meteor Mash Metagrosses (bringing me up to 6), and 4 new Smack Down Tyranitars (bringing me up to 10). I don't need 10, but maybe they will be valuable for trading. I didn't bother making any new Draco Meteor Dragonites because they say Outrage is a tad better, but I did get enough candy to finish maxing out my 98% that I've been working on for a while. Also 2 Frenzy Plant Venusaurs, because I encountered some pretty strong wild Bulbas so why not?

    Some highlights: 98% lucky MM Metagross (maxed out), and 98% lucky SD Ttar (3 powerups to go). Shinies: 2 Pikachu, 1 Eevee, 2 Bulbasaur, 5 Charmander (!), 2 Squirtle, 1 Dratini, 2 Larvitar, 3 Chikorita. Plus a hatched shiny Togepi. And I evolved 2 of those Charmanders into 2 more black Charizards, bringing me up to 3. I'm considering evolving my Dratini to have an additional pink Dragonair, my favorite. Even the weather was beautiful, high of 72 and sunny! It was such a good weekend! So much walking, though. My buns hurt.

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