Is it really April already?

Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, when a starry-eyed, 15 year old Mewfour first hit CRTL+V and made his first mark on Internet fanfiction. 19 years ago, on 1 April 2000, I introduced the world to Pokèmon, Asylum of the Devitory Style, and the wild ride that followed both in and out of topic is the stuff of TPM legend. Now, I could go on and on, prattling about days long since behind us, but let's not dwell in the past. Instead, let's focus on the future.

Yeah, I'm still writing stuff, because I am a huge nerd. Not writing nearly as much as I used to, but the kid in my heart isn't ready for that gentle good night just yet. While I've recently gone years without updating my fics, nowadays it's been with purpose. See, I'm working on something. Something that, after finishing Unleashed, I've put everything- and I mean everything, else on hold for. No Pipeball Ultra. No Rumble of the Robot Masters. Nothing but a brand new fic that for YEARS has been a long-kept secret. Until now.

Mark your calendars. In exactly one year, on 1 April 2020, the 20th anniversary of PADS, the legend begins anew. And it will be called, Pokèmon, Asylum of the Devitory Style, X!

In the meantime? I'll be dropping more juicy bits in this thread about PADSX. In May, we'll be introduced to the cast... and possibly some other things too. Be here.