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Thread: Finnish Parliamentary Election 2019

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    Arrow Finnish Parliamentary Election 2019

    Sorry about whoring out my country again, but I still haven't decided whom to vote for. I was also tempted to title this thread as 'Finnish Parliamentary Elimination 2019'!

    Anyways, I consider the following options:

    Someone from SDP
    First things first, I surely don't want the populist Perussuomalaiset to win the election, so I should go for their worst enemy. SDP is leading the polls, but the final spurt of Jussi Halla-Aho's 'The Finns' is threatening.

    75 Veera Kontiokari
    The Pirate Party has never ever made it to the Finnish Parliament, so someone must be on their side, too!

    91 Merja Kyllönen
    She won my sympathy in the Presidential Election, knows how to use modern language to attract young people like me? I voted for Paavo Väyrynen back there, but now I have a chance to make it up!

    Someone from Seitsemän tähden liike
    I have voted for Paavo Väyrynen thrice, but sadly he's not in my area.

    185 Markus Kuotesaho
    This transsexual independent may beat even the present Prime Minister Juha Sipilä!

    You have about 20 hours if you wish to help me! I'll let you know how it went by Monday or Tuesday or so.
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