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Thread: Say Something About the Person Above! [GAME]

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    Happy Say Something About the Person Above! [GAME]

    An oldie but goldie, if my memory serves me right, I saw this in a Swedish anime message board on 2006. This might have been also at The Pokemasters before it, but then it would date back to those years I was a young lurker in Pokemon Anime mostly.

    So, the rules. Simply post something about the person who posted just before you in this thread, something you know about him or her, why you like him or her, some found memory you have about that user, are all fine replies, and not the only options, I can imagine. Just remember to keep it without insults, good sense of humor is encouraged, though.

    Let's start, shall we? I'll do an example, but since there's no post of a person 'Above me' in the 'concrete' sense, I'll say something about a person above me in TPM hierarchy.

    Gavin Luper knows French.
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