Hard to believe it has been another year at TPM!! This is the last year that my TPM account will be a teenager, I now have newbie coworkers at my job that are younger than this TPM account, I guess this is how you know when you are really getting old lol. It has been a great 19 years, I do miss the old days when this place would have a brand new page of new topics posted in a half hour. although to be perfectly honest, I had NO idea that on that afternoon of 11/6/2000, I had found my "online home." And I am proud to call this place my online home, I have never found another online community that has meant as much to me as TPM has. The only way I happened to find TPM was because I was driving myself crazy trying to find a Heracross in Pokemon Gold, and my $10 guidebook wasn't much help. (I lost that book shortly afterwards too! I still have the poster from it somewhere, no idea what happened to that book though!!) So... yeah I thought I would get the question answered and go on my way, maybe dropping in again if I encountered another problem... but, I just couldn't keep this place out of my mind. It was so cool to find a community of people close to my age with similar interests, and TPM was soooo modern and so much fancier than any other forum I had been to, it was so much fun playing with the smilies and colored fonts, especially the glowing fonts. I was soon addicted to TPM, I remember how exciting it was to get the second pokeball next to my name for 250 posts, the first time I got a PM from another member, and I really felt like I had "made it" when I appeared in someone's "Cool People" list in their siggy. ^_^

I'm so happy to see that the glitches seem to mostly be fixed now... it would be awesome to see a little more activity here too, don't know how we can go about fixing that, but I know I can help by being around more. But I'm glad to still have TPM around... thanks to everyone here now and for everyone that was here in the past for making this a wonderful place!!

And... wherever you are, happy TPM anniversary to my fellow 11/6/2000 registration AND 2/19 birthday buddy Little_Pikachu!!