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Thread: Do you think the Resident Evil series kind of sucks now?

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    Thumbs down Do you think the Resident Evil series kind of sucks now?

    RE 4 (5 and 6 too) is what I think killed the series. I've never disliked RE 4 as an action game, but it's exactly that - it's a boring action game. There was no tension to be had.

    The thing is too, that RE 4 rendered the older games kind of pointless, because every game had a story around what this Umbrella company was doing, and RE 4 disregarded all of that in the first few minutes.

    RE 7 was a return to form, but it really felt like we'd seen it all before. There was also a major lack of enemy types. There's just the "Molded" and a family that hunts you down. RE 1 had zombies, scaly creatures called Hunters, a swarm of bees, dogs, spiders, sharks, Lisa Trevor, a Tyrant, and more.

    The RE 2 remake, while good, was also severely lacking. The DLC was pretty rank, and the game itself omitted a lot of locations and enemies from the original. It was nothing like the 2002 GameCube remake at all, which was essentially the original game, but 1000 times better. Now I hear they're making Project Resistance, which is basically a bland and shallow co-op spin off game.

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    Default Re: Do you think the Resident Evil series kind of sucks now?

    Maybe that's just what happens when a series has run its course? Resident Evil started in an era where gaming had made the seismic shift to 3D, and was able to explore new concepts and gameplay elements that had never been done before.

    What else can you do, really? RE4 made the bold choice to shift the genre, but eventually, there's only so many ways you can tackle the same concept. Most modern survival horror games thrive on isolation and a feeling of helplessness. That was never so much Resident Evil's jam, and while it worked for a while, maybe there just isn't a place for it in gaming right now?

    That being said, I think it could still get some run if they lean more heavily into the VR aspect. It's the perfect fit, and RE7 was a good start.
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