RE 4 (5 and 6 too) is what I think killed the series. I've never disliked RE 4 as an action game, but it's exactly that - it's a boring action game. There was no tension to be had.

The thing is too, that RE 4 rendered the older games kind of pointless, because every game had a story around what this Umbrella company was doing, and RE 4 disregarded all of that in the first few minutes.

RE 7 was a return to form, but it really felt like we'd seen it all before. There was also a major lack of enemy types. There's just the "Molded" and a family that hunts you down. RE 1 had zombies, scaly creatures called Hunters, a swarm of bees, dogs, spiders, sharks, Lisa Trevor, a Tyrant, and more.

The RE 2 remake, while good, was also severely lacking. The DLC was pretty rank, and the game itself omitted a lot of locations and enemies from the original. It was nothing like the 2002 GameCube remake at all, which was essentially the original game, but 1000 times better. Now I hear they're making Project Resistance, which is basically a bland and shallow co-op spin off game.