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Thread: Boris Johnson phoned me last night

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    Arrow Boris Johnson phoned me last night

    In the dream, he told me he had studied Finnish so we spoke in Finnish. We discussed Brexit and I told him that I'm exactly 21 years younger than him.

    Share your dreams and comment on others' here.

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    Default Re: Boris Johnson phoned me last night

    I had a dream where I interviewed Donald Trump. He kept putting his arm around me and it made me very uncomfortable.
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    Default Re: Boris Johnson phoned me last night

    Last night I had a dream in which I snuck into an empty room luxury hotel to give my dog some water to drink (from the bathroom sink), and then got caught when new guests entered the room, and I had to explain the situation to the hotel's authorities, and they let me go on the condition that I do not enter the hotel again unless I have a reservation.

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