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    Default The Goldbergs/Schooled

    Anybody else here at TPM a fan of these shows?! If you aren't familiar with them, The Goldbergs is a comedy based on the life of the writer and his family when he was growing up in the 80's, it is now in the 7th season... Schooled is a spinoff starring some of the same supporting characters, but it is based in the 90's, it is currently in it's 2nd season, they air back-to-back on ABC on Wednesday... these two shows have probably become my personal favorites on TV now, they do a really good job of recreating the feel of the 80's/90's... honestly I wish I had more vivid memories of life in the 80's, I was too young, but it seemed like such a fun time and the music was (and still is) awesome... I actually probably have more actual memories of the stuff from the 90's in Schooled... so anyways... tomorrow night Schooled is gonna be doing their "Pokemon Society" episode about the original trading cards... who knows maybe the old Charizard card will get a shoutout! So yeah I gotta admit I'm pretty excited about the episode, the shows are pretty good about going on nostalgic road trips anyways and this one is definitely gonna hit home for me! Now they just gotta do a Beanie Baby episode sometime!! so... anyone that hasn't seen the shows, I definitely recommend them!!
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