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Thread: TPMers' Favourite Anime/Manga Characters [NOMINATIONS] (may contain SPOILERS!)

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    Cool TPMers' Favourite Anime/Manga Characters [NOMINATIONS] (may contain SPOILERS!)

    Let's see, it's 3:35 PM here in Finland...

    My 16,000th post...
    TPMers' Favourite Anime/Manga Characters [NOMINATIONS]

    So this is going to determine the most popular Anime/Manga characters among TPMers!

    This 'tournament' will consist of three phases, and each one will have their own topic.

    i) Nominations
    You can nominate 15 characters at maximum, and up to 3 per one series. Please state which series each character comes from.
    Your nominations can be based on power, looks, personality, sympathy, wisdom, fun, actually whatever you want.
    The nominations shall end after 2 weeks OR after 100 characters have been nominated.

    ii) Round one
    Then there's the voting. You are handed 5 points you can give to characters nominated, and of course, those characters don't have to be characters nominated by you. You can divide these 5 points anyway you want, give them all to one character or, for instance, give Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) 3 points, Piccolo (Dragonball) 1 point and Misa Amane (Death Note) 1 point. You can still divide these points between a maximum of two characters per one series. If you wish to divide these points between 3, 4 or 5 characters, you have to choose characters from more than one series.
    After 2 weeks I will tally up scores. 15 best characters make it to the finals. If there's a tie among those, we will have one day to determine which character takes that place. If there are more than one characters from one series in TOP 15, the ones with least votes will be dropped.

    iii) Round two
    The final round will have a simple poll between TOP 15. This is going to take one week.

    You can also use these topics to tell me if something is unfair, maybe we can fix that.

    Here are at least some of my nominations:

    Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
    Just have to get the main character of Pokemon here to see how he does. Although he had no clue in his early Kanto days, honed his strategies in Kalos.
    Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)
    A pretty soldier genius with 300 IQ. This girl's shy characteristics and fear of love letters makes her more human, while she proves that you can have both beauty and brains.
    Lelouch vi Britannia/Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero/Julius Kingsley (Code Geass)
    With many mysterious aliases, this youngster masters chess, controlling a Knightmare Frame, commanding his troops in battles, and perhaps most importantly, a superpower that makes whomever obey him through quick hypnosis.
    L Lawliet (Death Note)
    Another genius, but his weird quirks of hating socks and sitting funnily, among others, makes this top detective stand out even more from the kira search team.
    Katsura Kotarou (Gintama)
    His punchline 'Zura ja nai. Katsura da.' whenever someone has mistaken his name, makes many good laughs in this hilarious series. Katsura also has one of the coolest anime mascots evet, namely Elizabeth.

    I may or may not add more later.
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