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This here thread is to discuss openly on what changes you would like to see in Anime and Manga forum. For one thing, Dark-San's rules were written back in 2006, and some additions were made by The_Missing_Link in 2010. The world and TPM has changed a lot since them, and I think the rules need suggestions for an update.

Here are some of my opinions, but they are JUST opinions, I don't mean they would be put into action immediately.

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1) No SPAM. SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. In general, the following examples below are considered examples of spam.
• As long as your post is one liner or, even worse still, less than 4 words, then it is considered spam.
• Another example of a spam would be posting off-topic posts. This includes posting only or almost only to insult or bitch at someone else in a debate (although, this also falls under flaming/trolling). Topics that become a breeding ground for off-topic and irrelevant posts will be closed.
Up to this point, I think it's quite obvious what kind of posts are SPAM and what aren't. I'm not encouraging trolling or Facebook-esque unoriginal, blunt comments, BUT sometimes a few words are enough. We have seen many replies that would have been considered SPAM before during the past few years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we're living in a lot more relaxed era now.

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3) No Necroing. If you post in a thread that no one has posted in for three months, then that is considered necroing and you will recieve a warning.
With the current TPM activity level, three months sounds too precise and strict to me. Three-month-old threads don't even show up with default settings, but if someone has posted a question over three months ago it would be unfair to him or her if nobody could answer to that question. Even if that person was no longer around, if the question is not personal, it's worth an answer. It does show up in a google search. You can, of course, use common sense.

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6) No pornographic pictures or any sexually explicit material. They have no business doing in the OA forums. If you have a topic on hentai or any anime with mature content or whatever, please seek consent from the mods.
I agree on the former, but the latter I find a bit problematic. {Mature} tags work in FanFic, why not in Anime and Manga? As long as it's only on a discussion level about an anime or hentai, with no too explicit descriptions or pictures. This comes to my mind because many animes can turn kinky quite quickly. However, {Mature} tag SHOULD be included in any case in the thread title.

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7) There should be NO advertising in your posts. If you wish to advertise your site, please do it in your signature.
Does linking to Streaming sites like Crunchyroll or Wakanim for a reference count as advertising? Or just talking about them? Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but that's how many people watch anime these days.

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10) Please do not use IMG tags with large pictures. Be considerate to some of our 56K TPMers. Please host your pictures on a third party website and provide a link instead.
I think this rule would be outdated. We are on an entirely different technology level right now.

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12) Please note that the manga topic that you are posting should be your own drawn manga. Please do not get mangas from other sites and then claim them as your own. If a outsider from other site complains on this, the mods will investigate. If the accusation is found to be true, the user will get an immediate ban. TPM supports copyright and therefore offenders will be dealt with severely.
Isn't FanArt the right place to post your own drawn manga? To me, Anime and Manga sounds like a place to discuss any manga, but of course you can't take credit of someone else's hard work and your own drawn manga is considered Fan-made.

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